Do you ever feel bored of seeing the same old furniture and other things in your house? Especially with Christmas just around the corner, we all feel the need to refresh and redecorate our homes even more. But with all life’s issues, money is a constant factor affecting our decisions. Those who can afford a proper redecorating might take up big tasks for home renovations. However, those of us who need to mind our expenses can’t always do the same. But we can still refresh our homes with some simple yet effective changes. Whether it’s the simply rearranging the furniture or repainting the home, these small changes make a big impact on the home. And such changes are even more gratifying as they don’t cost much! So, let us take a look at some of these small changes that can help spruce up your home easily and quickly.

Change the Curtains

One of the easiest ways to refresh a room is to change the curtains. You may think that curtains and draperies are unimportant but they play a very big role in the decor of a room. They can bring color, texture, and patterns to a plain decor. Moreover, they can easily accentuate or enhance an existing theme or design style. So, if you want to change the color scheme of the room or bring in a new pattern, no need to redo the entire design style of the room. You can easily use curtains and other window treatments to achieve the desired change.

Spruce Up Your Home2

Re-upholster the Furniture

Another common and yet very effective idea of sprucing up your decor is re-upholstering the furniture. Having the same furniture for years can look very boring and rote. But you can’t change your furnishings simply because they look boring. Furniture is expensive and durable, so it cannot be easily replaced. So, why not just change the way it looks? Instead of replacing, you can easily re-upholster the furnishings to give them a new look. If you can’t re-upholster the entire house, start small and go with living room and dining chair upholstery. You can also DIY the re-upholstering if it’s expensive. But be careful not to damage the furniture when trying to do things on your own.

Use Wallpapers for Shelves and Drawers

Another simple and good idea is to use wallpapers. Now this isn’t what you think. We’re not asking you to wallpaper all your walls, though you can do that if you want! What we’re suggesting is to use wallpapers to brush up your shelves and drawers. Choose a vibrant and attractive wallpaper and line the insides of your shelves and drawers with it. This will protect the shelves and drawers from dust and stains. Plus, it will also add some color and freshness to your decor. And it’s a cheap and easily available way to spice up the look of your drawers.

Spruce Up Your Home3

Change the Faucets and Other Fixtures

Sometimes, we take some home fixtures and finishes for granted, forgetting how they can make or break a room. For example, the fixtures in a bathroom can easily become its main attraction. Same is true for kitchen, laundry room, powder room, and other rooms in a home. So, instead of focusing on other bigger things, what if you pay attention to these small fixtures? From switch plates to faucets, all fixtures add to the beauty of a decor. If you change these fixtures to some latest design or relevant pattern, you can easily enhance the decor of your room.

Replace the Light Fixtures

Another good way to spice things up is to change the lighting fixtures in the home. You won’t believe how effective it is to simply replace an old chandelier with a latest lighting design. It can affect the entire decor and change the look and feel of the room instantly. And while replacing lights, you can stay true to your current room design and select a light accordingly. Alternatively, you can also choose a different style of light that has its own character and presence. 

No matter how small a change, if it is something utilitarian, it is bound to have an impact on your room’s decor. However, you should make sure that the materials you chose or the changes you make should further enhance your design while giving it a fresh and new look.