Storage baskets, such as baskets from Kouboo, are an ideal way to organise your home. Their antique look and design make them stylish and elegant pieces in the home. With these baskets, you can keep everything in order and complement the house theme and colours. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how to use the storage baskets for smart storage.

Your Living Room

The living room is your guests’ receiving area, and it should be as glamorous as possible. You can use the storage baskets to organise your decors to store your tuck pillows, throw blankets, and coffee table books. Not only is this elegant, but it also gives you more space for your living room. When choosing the throw blankets and pillows, choose a colour that complements your living room theme. Additionally, you can use the storage baskets to add glam to your open bookcase. A coffee table could also benefit from small basket storage to keep everything from the remotes, candles, and other knick-knacks on the coffee table.

Your Entryway

The entryway is susceptible to lots of dirt and shoe-traffic, especially when the house has many people. To keep the area organised, you can get some storage baskets where people can stash their shoes as they get into the premises. Your selection should be based on the house theme and colours in there.

Your Bedroom

Do you love to have a lot of pillows on your bed? Well, you must understand that these are cute but need to be moved when it’s sleep time. As such, you can get storage baskets and put the pillows in there when sleeping. This is a better idea instead of just throwing them on the floor. In addition to this, you can tuck a storage basket on the bottom shelf of the bedside stand to hold your magazines, phones, and snacks. For a classic bedroom, you can get a tall bedroom basket to stash away your dirty clothes. Get one with a lid to keep your dirty clothes well stacked and handles for easy transportation. You may also want to acquire some smaller baskets for under the bed.

Your Home Office

Do you have a home office and want to keep it organised and cool? You can always use a basket to keep your office supplies in order. Get three or four of them so that some can sit on the desk edge while others can be on the floor. With these storage ideas at home, you can keep your premise clutter-free and great. Basket storage can also double up as a waste bin, another to organise your books and documents, and another for your general office supplies.

Your Children’s Toy Space

Having children is a blessing. However, organising their toys now and then can be overwhelming. As such, you can get a storage basket and teach your children how to store their toys. Your children can then retrieve them when they need to play and return when through.


Storage baskets are a great way to keep your home organised and clean. Acquire some today and revamp your space.