Solar technology is already an industry that represents one of the foremost technological innovations you can find in the world today. It is one of the few industries that has been capable of granting people access to clean, renewable energy sources. Hence, for the most part, a lot of people believe that the industry is only capable of supplying energy.

However, in recent times, there have been incredible breakthroughs in this space as many researchers have started finding new and better ways to reinvent and apply how we make use of solar energy. Here are a few of these innovations;

1. Solar Batteries

Solar technology has gone beyond just energy production to include energy storage. Various technological powerhouses have launched rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which come in both residential and commercial packs. These batteries have ultimately changed the way we use power and have made it easy for households to go off the grid, ensuring that they are fully powered by solar technology.

2. Solar Skin Design

Solar panels are now being reinvented in a way that adds aesthetic beauty to every home. Solar companies are making giant strides in ensuring that solar panels get customized to the look and feel of each customer’s home. A product called solar skin is currently being developed and it makes it possible for the solar panels to look exactly like the roof of each unique customer without compromising on the efficiency of the panel or its ability to produce sufficient energy.

3. Wearable Solar

The concept of wearable solar devices is not new. However, their increasing range of applications make them a worthy mention. In the past, most solar devices have always been made out of solid materials, but in recent times, technological innovation has led to the introduction of solar-powered fabrics, chairs, wrist watches amongst others. This has made it a lot easier for consumers to harness the power of the sun at a retail level.

4. Solar Tracking Mounts

These are mounts that follow the movement of the sun to ensure maximum power production efficiency. These mounts tilt towards the direction of the sun to absorb as much solar energy as possible ensuring that homeowners are able to maximize the amount of sunlight that shows forth each day.

5. Solar Roads

Solar-powered roads are being built and tested all around the world to make it easier for drivers to navigate during extreme conditions. These roads make use of PhotoVoltaics (PV) technology to power streetlights and they also come with the thermal capacity to melt snow during winter. Although they are still being tested, they are likely to go into full production soon.

There are several solar technological innovations which have been released over the past decade, and there are still a lot more to come. Solar energy makes it easier to preserve the earth whilsthaving access to an unlimited power source. Hence, this is what allowsthe many innovations that come out the industryto stay ahead of the curve. So, if you are seeking to have a solar-powered home, simply reach out to a solar power installation company near you to get started.