Advanced technology provided us a lot of comfort. Being luxury lovers humans always seek more and more comforts. Solar panels are one of the new technologies in the world. People in advanced countries now prefer solar panels for their homes. It is so beneficial, it provides a lot of savings on electric bills. Installing solar panels can be done by the solar contractor Los Angeles. Now we will look at the cost, benefits, and details which are involved in solar panel installation. 

How do solar panels Work?

The solar panel consists of many small bulbs called photovoltaic cells. The word photovoltaic means that the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Every photovoltaic cell works especially. It contains photons which is a light particle in nature that helps in knocking the free electrons from atoms, thus by this there is a flow of electricity in the solar panel. It depends on the number of cells in the panel. The greater the number of cells, the more energy will be produced. 

The benefits of solar installation in Los Angeles:-

There are many benefits of having a solar panel. You can hire a solar contractor in Los Angeles to plant solar panels on the roof of your house and make an energy-efficient roof.

  • In Los Angeles the summer is extremely hot. Air conditioners run throughout the day and can cost you a lot of electricity bills. In order to prevent this electricity bill, you can place a solar panel which will definitely help you a lot in reducing bills in summer. • When your solar system generates more energy than you need, in this situation the surplus energy will run back to the grid, you will receive a credit on your electric bill. This can end up saving a lot of dollars. 
  • This can help you to increase the value of your home. The house with solar panels installed sells out very quickly. So planting a solar panel is a great deal even if you are thinking of transferring to your city. 
  • Solar panels are also beneficial to the environment as it is a renewable source of energy. Also, it doesn’t use fossil fuel that releases pollutants in the environment. • The maintenance cost is very low, therefore it is very beneficial for a person to have it at their home. 
  • It is the new product of technological advancement, which will get better and better with time. • It is a safe source of energy and even it works in cloudy conditions. 

Cost and installation of solar panel in Los Angeles:-

Solar panels can cost you a lot. It is a newly introduced technology therefore it is not affordable for everyone. The installation of solar panels can be done by hiring a solar contractor in Los Angeles. Solar panels can be planted on the roof from where it can absorb the sun and make an energy-efficient roof.

Warranty of solar panel:-

Solar panel warranty may be of two types. 

  1. Performance warranty 
  2. 2. Product warranty. 

Performance warranty:-

This warranty is related to the performance of the solar panel. Every solar panel production of electricity declines every year. This happens with all the solar panels. The performance warranty ensures that the solar panel will not lose its energy production for up to 25 years. 

Product warranty:-

This type of warranty ensures that if there is any manufacturing fault in the panel it will be replaced. Solar panels run for a longer time and it is rare to fault the product. But in case of a fault, it can be caught up early within the week or a month of installation. 

Solar panel installation in Los Angeles:-

There are a few steps that are done before installing a solar panel. The panel installing the team visits your home and checks out all the conditions whether the panel would be successful or not. The condition may include 

The size of the roof. 

The direction of sunlight. 

How much time sunlight remains on the roof. 

By checking all the aspects, the instructor will install the solar panel. The installation process may take a few days. It will disturb your life for a few days, you will get tired in the installation process but it is a long time successful product. 

Choosing a solar panel inverter:-

As we all know that alternating current is used in the homes but the sunlight that is converted into electricity is direct current ( DC ) therefore we need to have an inverter that will convert DC into AC. The main type of inverters includes string inverters and micro-inverters. 

String inverters:- 

These are the least expensive types and are a good choice if all your panels receive a lot of sunlight, or if they all face the same direction. Each row of panels is called a string, and that string is attached to an inverter. If a panel on the string does not receive enough light, then it will drag the performance of all the others down to its level.

Power optimizers are a great solution to performance defects caused by a poorly performing solar panel. One is installed on each panel and conditions the DC before it reaches the inverter. They are a good compromise between standard string inverters and more expensive microinverters. 


They are used to convert the DC into AC. These are mainly installed on each panel and help in converting the source. They are highly recommended because they don’t get affected by a single panel. They are mostly used by the people who plant panels for their home because the roof may contain some shady place and light is not appropriately falling on the panel. They are expensive because of having more benefits, thus we recommend you not to plant these inverters if not necessary. 

Take away:-

You can hire a solar contractor in Los Angeles for planting a solar panel. Solar panels are very beneficial, you can place it on your roof and can make it an energy-efficient roof.