Keeping a home in tiptop shape takes a lot of preventive measures. There are pipes to assess for leaks or corrosion. The roof may develop rotten sections that could result in the elements making their way inside and wreaking havoc. Last but not least is checking on the electrical wiring to prevent a possible fire. For this last one especially, many homeowners are tempted to fix small issues themselves. However, even for something seen as a small fix, there can be great consequences. That’s why the basic rule of thumb for electrical issues that you are unsure of is to call a local electrician immediately.

Are there some issues that a homeowner can handle? Yes, there are a few. If you notice a sag or dip in power when you plug in certain devices, the easy fix is to not sure the device due to it either being cheaply made or being faulty. If you notice that the circuit breaker trips constantly when a certain appliance is used, attempt to use it on a lower setting or plug the item into a different circuit. Changing out a loose outlet or broken light switch can be completed quickly and easily as long as safety measures are in place.

What are some electrical issues that require a local electrician? First are electrical surges. Caused by things like lightning strikes, faulty appliances, and bad wiring, every house may experience a small surge from time to time. However, when they start occurring frequently, that’s a bad sign. Usually an electrical device connected to the home grid or the house wiring is to blame. A homeowner can attempt disconnecting cheaply made devices or power boards from an outlet to see if this ends the surges. If it does not, a professional should be called. Then there are light switches that don’t operate properly, such as dimmer switches not dimming the lights adequately or a switch that seems to do nothing. 

An electrician should check to see if the issue has to do with a fault in the system or inadequate products. If you notice that some of your lights are brighter or dimmer than the rest, you should initially check for if the fixtures are using the correct wattage. If that isn’t the issue, there may be a bad main neutral connection that is best handled by an electrician. Electrical shocks are never fun to deal with. If extreme shocks are experienced with plugging or unplugging from an outlet, call your local pro to resolve the issue.

Whether you are a pro or a novice, there are some steps that should be taken to ensure the safety of all involved. If dealing with an electric outlet or light switch, make sure the appropriate breaker is turned off! Cartoons may show being electrified as something you can walk away from, but that usually isn’t the case! To check if the breaker is turned off, you can either plug something in or try to turn on a light that is part of the system or use a voltmeter.

Safety in the home is crucial for all you live within the walls. While smaller jobs can be completely safely and effectively by oneself, one should understand the risks of attempting to resolve a higher level problem alone. Though a homeowner may want to fix all issues themselves, sometimes it’s better to outsource to professionals when things could be more serious. Electrical issues can quickly start a fire, raise your electric bill, burn out important appliances, or even result in physical harm. That is why it is imperative to call for a local professional when the need arises.