A bridal bouquet has an essential role in your wedding rituals as it symbolises fellowship and happiness. It also has an important part of wedding accessories that help in enhancing your wedding look and creating picture-perfect moments in your wedding. The style of bridal bouquets has changed over the past few years, however, there are a few types of these floral arrangements still incorporated by brides on their big day. If you are looking for fashionable and trendy ways to style your wedding bouquet, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will walk you through some of the most popular and elegant bridal bouquets that you must definitely consider styling with your favourite flowers on your wedding day. 

How to choose flowers for wedding bouquets? 

To choose flowers for your wedding day, you can begin considering flowers that you or your partner love the most. You can also consider adding your favourite colour flowers to your bouquet to add an aesthetic and appealing look to your bouquets. However, if you don’t wish to choose your favourite flowers then you can opt for seasonal flowers as well. This way you will be able to install floral arrangements that can last for longer periods of time without getting damaged or dehydrated. 

Seasonal flowers are usually available at affordable and reasonable prices. So if you are facing any budget constraints then seasonal flowers can be the ultimate option for you. 

What are the most popular flower bouquets? 

Now let us look at some of the most popular and trendy bridal bouquets styles that you can easily style with most types of wedding flowers in the market. 

1. Round bouquets 

Round bouquets are undoubtedly the most popular types of bridal bouquets in the market. It is simple yet the most elegant looking wedding bouquet of all time. You can either style the bouquet using a single type of flower or a variety of flowers with a similar look to create a perfectly round shaped bouquet. 

2. Pageant Bouquets 

Pageant bouquets are basically long stem flowers and foliage bouquets that the bride can cradle in her hands. These bridal bouquets are often known as arm sheath or presentation bouquets. These types are more suitable for modern or classic style weddings. 

3. Cascade Bouquets

Cascading wedding bouquets are known as shower bouquets where the flowers gracefully flow from the bride’s hand towards the floor in a dramatic style. These types of bouquets are perfect for traditional wedding styles. You can use many flowers at a time in these types of bridal bouquets. 

4. Nose Gay Bouquets 

In Nose Gay bouquet style flowers are compact in cluster form where stems are wrapped tightly with ribbon or satin cloth in uniform length. These types of bouquets pay more emphasis on the greenery effect of the wedding bouquet. If you are not a fan of fancy bridal bouquets then a nose-gay bouquet can be the ultimate option for you. 

5. Posy Bouquets 

Posy bouquets are usually small in size and easy to handle floral bouquets. Posy bouquet can be a perfect option for small and intimate weddings. These types of bouquets are often round in shape and more suitable for bridesmaids bouquets due to their simplicity. 

6. Pomander Bouquets 

Pomander bouquets are one of the most stylish flower arrangements on the list. These types of bouquets are often referred to as kissing balls due to the sphere of flowers that are held with a loop of decorative ribbon. Pomander bouquets are the most affordable and easy to handle floral bouquets. 

7. Composite Bouquet 

Unlike other bridal bouquets, composite bouquets consist of individual flower petals that are designed to look like one larger flower. These types of bouquets are also known as glamelia bouquets. These bouquets are perfect for classic and modern wedding celebrations. 

8. Single Stem Bouquet 

Single stem bouquets are most preferable for small budget weddings where the bouquet particularly features three stems that are arranged to look like a single stem wedding flower arrangement. In these types of bouquets, you can use larger flowers such as king protea, lilies, peonies, and more. 

9. Hand Tied Bouquet 

If you are planning for a rustic wedding style then a hand-tied bouquet is all you need. In these types of bouquets, the flowers appear to be fresher and handpicked from the garden. These types of bouquets are known for carrying a wide range of flowers at a time. 

10. Arm Bouquet

Arm bouquet is the trendiest flower bouquet available in the market. For brides who wish to carry hassle-free and lightweight bouquets then arm bouquets can do wonders for them. These bouquets are tied around your arm with the help of a ribbon so that it stays out your way in the whole ceremony. 

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