Murphy beds are an excellent way to maximize a room’s flow and functionality. With so many designs and models available, it might be challenging to choose the appropriate style for your home. You are probably wondering now what is the difference is between the traditional Murphy bed and a Lori Wall Murphy Bed.

It is a good question considering that the names are frequently used interchangeably; however, there are quite subtle differences between the two. 

A typical Murphy bed is floor- or wall-mounted. It also raises and lowers the mattress via complex springs and metal frames. A Lori Wall Murphy Bed, on the other hand, has a spring mechanism and cabinets on the side of the bed, creating the illusion of a regular wall while the bed is upright.

The Differences You Can Easily Spot Between a Traditional Murphy Bed And a Lori Wall Murphy Bed

You may be curious about the other distinctions between a conventional Murphy bed and a Lori Wall Murphy Bed. Well, it turns out that there is quite a handful on the list. The following are the significant differences between a cumbersome traditional Murphy bed and a convenient to use and install Lori Wall Murphy Bed.

The Hardware Used

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two would be its design. Unlike a standard Murphy bed, Lori Wall Murphy Bed does not rely on mechanical assistance to raise and lower the platform. Why? Because those metal spring devices are inconvenient, costly, and unnecessary for lifting the bed. Rather than relying on pistons or springs, the Lori Wall Murphy Bed may be hoisted and lowered manually, just by using your strength.  It is an ingenious yet straightforward system. 

The Installation Process

You do not have to be a professional or expert in home remodeling to install Lori Wall Murphy Bed efficiently. Without the intricate spring mechanism, installation is actually quite simple due to the company’s simple step-by-step instructions. Installing the bed alone takes less than 4 hours, and with a partner, it may take only about 2 hours – less time as compared to cleaning out and rearranging your closets!

The Cost

Eliminating the traditional metal springs simplified the design and saved money. The creator of Lori Wall Murphy Bed realized that eliminating the unnecessary lifting mechanism would save money. The Lori Wall Murphy Bed can be simply moved up and down by hand. Thus, the price went down as well, which is beneficial for their customers. Truth be told, the company was founded on the notion that Murphy beds must not be prohibitively expensive. Starting price of the Lori Wall Murphy Bed is less than $1,000, compared to several thousand dollars for standard Murphy or wall beds.

The Quality

The Lori Wall Murphy Bed might be the cheapest wall bed that you can find, but it does not mean that it is just made out of fragile Ikea-style furniture. All of the beds are made entirely of solid wood, ensuring their quality and durability. Furthermore, Lori Wall Murphy Beds are manufactured in the United States, unlike the majority of their competitors.


One of the most appealing features of the Lori Wall Murphy Bed, particularly for individuals with a flair for its architecture, is the opportunity to modify its appearance. Lori Wall Murphy Beds are available pre-finished in any color scheme and are made of finely finished solid wood. Moreover, the designers also offer unfinished Lori Wall Murphy Beds, which are constructed entirely of cabinet-grade Baltic birch plywood and may be painted or stained as to what you desire.

Additionally, regardless of whether you live in a 550-square-foot condominium or a large house, you would not have to worry about the fit. Both horizontal and vertical orientations are available to fit any area. For instance, vertical beds allow more typical sleeping configurations, whereas horizontal beds are better suited to smaller rooms with lower ceilings and less square footage.

The differences between a traditional Murphy bed and a traditional wall bed are pretty marginal. However, the differences that you can find between a Murphy bed and Lori Wall Murphy Bed are pretty apparent. 

The Remarkable Benefits of Having A Lori Wall Murphy Bed

It is compact and takes less space than regular beds. 

Wall beds are important in micro-condos and compact residences due to their small size. Even with a larger living space, a Lori Wall Murphy Bed unit can prove extremely useful.

By leveraging the unutilized vertical space of the walls, a Lori Wall Murphy Bed takes up minimal space and is virtually invisible when not in use.

When you are set to rest for the night, easily pull your bed down from the wall. The bed effortlessly folds away in the morning, freeing up a large amount of floor room.

A Lori Wall Murphy Bed is a high-quality wall bed available on the market.

Generic phrases are frequently used to describe certain types of products. For instance, the majority of us use terms such as “kleenex,” “zipper,” “thermos,” and “aspirin” to refer to the same products that may not really hold these trademarked names. Well, there is a great reason for this. 

The Lori Wall Murphy Bed is not an exception. While wall beds come in a variety of brands, this distinctive type of integrated furniture is frequently referred to as a “Murphy bed.” That is because Murphy beds have held an industry-leading position for nearly a century.

Together with a lifetime warranty on the hardware and a sturdy design, a Lori Wall Murphy Bed is the most comfortable contemporary wall bed you will ever sleep in.

Lori wall murphy bed provides the same level of comfort as a regular bed.

It is absolutely guaranteed that a Lori Wall Murphy Bed includes a high-quality coil mattress that provides the same level of comfort as a traditional bed.

Your houseguests will undoubtedly appreciate the restful sleep they will have on it. Resting on an air mattress, a rolling cot, or a pull-out sofa bed is incomparably uncomfortable.