Want to build a swimming pool beside your horse?

They are a costly affair. If you have decided to know about costs, you need to consider certain factors, parameters, and standards that set up the cost of your swimming pool. In order to get a comprehensive idea of the cost of a swimming pool, consult some pool company dubai.

In this study, we discuss certain things that you need to know before the construction of a swimming pool. Let’s start the discussion right here.

Swimming Pool Construction Costs: Things You Need To Know

It’s quite natural that the cost of a swimming pool in Dubai is not the same for all the construction. There are some minute details that you need to consider while discussing the cost of building a swimming pool. So let’s look at the things on which costing depend:

1. Size

The size of a swimming pool is one of the most important things upon which your cost depends. This is an ultimate cost determiner. Remember, the bigger size of your swimming pool, the greater cost required for it to be built. It’s simple. A bigger pool requires more materials, tools, and labor.

2. Location

Location is also a determiner to costing. The cost of constructing pools in the urban area is definitely much more than that of the urban area. This is because the propensity to buy is much higher in urban areas. People earn more to spend more on luxury but not the rural people.

3. Type Of Swimming Pool

There are basically three types of swimming pools in Dubai, Vinyl, Fibreglass, and Concrete. In Dubai, fiberglass pools are the most convenient to build. You are getting the labor quite easily.

So naturally, you get it at a lower price. But if you think of constructing pools with concrete, it takes quite some labor force, and it’s costly. So decide on the material. If you consider the cost of a swimming pool a reasonable price, go for Fiberglass.

4. Quality Of Soil And Drilling Cost

Quality of soil is one of the major requisites to the cost of your pool. Actually, the cost of drilling forms one of the areas of cost. The more hard rocks to drill, the greater electricity consumptions happen.

Consequently, your pool turns out to be expensive. So soil testing is done to understand the scenario of drilling.

5. Access

Generally, swimming pools are constructed in the backyard. So accessing the site might pose some difficulty. You need to get the trucks and soil excavation machines inside your construction area. It might be possible that you need to break some part of your wall to get the machinery in. This adds to the overall cost of the pool.

6. Cleaning System

The cost of building your swimming pool also depends on the cooling systems that you choose. There are some systems like eyeball and skinner that serve your requirement. These systems are easy to buy, but they definitely are a costly affair when it comes to maintenance. The more you spend on them, the more effective they are.

7. Water Features And Lightning

When it comes to swimming, there are features like underwater lightning, dynamic jets, and cascading waterfalls that you might need to consider. These features help create the ambiance.

Without these features, your swimming pool might look quite plain and simple. So you will have to install the system, and it will consume some money in the initial stages, though in the later stages, you don’t really need to think a lot.

8. Prices 

Wherever you go on to hire a contractor, check for the prices. You know the quotation provided by one contractor varies from the other. Try to know why the prices fluctuate a great deal from one company to that of another. Be diligent in these steps.

9. Contractors

There are a lot of contractors that are working in Dubai. You need to select from the most reliable ones. Companies like Hammar Services are quite renowned for constructing pools in-house. They are experienced in handling each and every aspect. Therefore it’s far better that you hire some reliable company.


In order to conclude, it could be said that there are tips and tricks you need to consider before you go for swimming pool construction.

The factors to costs are discussed, and you need to consider these aspects while you are building it. Have a discussion in detail with your builder on the above-discussed aspects.