Anyone who works in the Hotel – Restaurant – Café sectors, otherwise known as Ho.Re.Ca., knows how competitive it is and how vital it is to maintain high standards if you want to attract your target clientele.

When you design a new premise from scratch or you have to update the look of a place that’s already been open for some time, it’s worth thinking about the opportunities that contract furniture offers.

Below we’ll outline what the strengths of this type of contract are.

Contract Furniture: are you sure you know what it is?

Those who are unfamiliar with this business sector may well think that a company that offers contract furniture is a kind of supplier of rental tables and chairs, but that’s entirely wrong.

It’s a process, which involves different elements that are brought together in a single service whose purpose is to provide the customer with one or more rooms that are perfectly furnished and finished.

The General Contractor, or the company that receives the order from the customer, is the entity who manages all the works: electrical systems, painting the walls, heating, air conditioning and, of course, furniture, ornaments, curtains, carpets, right down to the finishing.

Generally, in complex projects, the General Contractor is not the only company preparing a room; they rely on other experts to carry out a range of individual tasks.

A single point of reference for everything related to the design and construction of the interior is certainly the greatest advantage of this type of contract.

Italian furniture, carefully chosen by experts.

In the contract furniture sector there must by necessity be those responsible for hospitality design to ensure that the rules regarding how a hotel, restaurant or bar should be adapted to the target client it’s aimed at are respected.

The Interior Contractor is the company that not only supplies the furniture and everything related to the interior, but also carefully manages the design of the rooms.

So it’s not enough merely to buy excellent Italian-made furniture to ensure that you make a good impression with your clientele; you also need professionals able to:

  • Calculate the ideal distances between one seat and another.
  • Check that the heights of tables, counters and seats allow you to eat a meal or have a drink in comfort.
  • Combine colours so that they are coordinated and consistent with the general character of the room.

Customers are increasingly attentive to details and only too ready to criticise; for this reason, expert advice is indispensable.

Contract Chairs and Tables: the easiest way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Spending an evening in a restaurant where the food is excellent, but the chair is wobbly and the table too narrow results in customers whose experience of your premises is conflicted, and, as the saying goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’.

In the design phase, the General Contractor or, better still, the Interior Contractor carefully selects the perfect tables and chairs for the project, especially when dealing with a customer in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Any mistakes are down to the company that has dealt with this specific area of furniture, but if you collaborate with real professionals there should be no problems that result in customers criticising the comfort of the seats and surfaces they eat and drink on.

Even when you only need to renew the furniture within a hotel or restaurant, it’s still advisable to obtain quotes for contract furniture made by experienced companies.

An example of Made in Italy professionalism and the highest quality, even for contract furniture is Albaplus, a highly experienced company that knows how to combine seasoned expertise in the sector with modern design.