Your lounge is where you have all your movie marathons. Or it’s a space where you have cake and tea with your friends. No matter what you use your living space for, there are myriads of ways you can spruce it up to make it an elegant and relaxing place to put your feet up.

So what’s your style? Do you love earth tones and the use of natural materials such as leather? Well, if you are then you’re in luck as leather lounges seem to be quite popular these days. It’s extremely durable and it keeps its aesthetics for many years. In fact, leather looks better over time.

But that’s not your only option. There are many ways you can upgrade your living space. Take a look at these popular types of furniture that are making their way into contemporary homes.

Dark Furniture with Light Décor

Creating contrast in your living space never goes out of style. Darker furniture with tones of navy blue, black or brown goes well against light coloured walls, fixtures and rugs. Leather lounges are ideal as this type of furniture comes in many dark tones. It looks elegant against white walls and marble fireplaces.

Darker centre coffee tables work well with this décor idea. Opt for a dark brown oak table that will complement your leather lounge. Use soft light coloured scatter cushions on your leather sofas and armchairs to break the darker shades slightly. This also links the furniture to the surrounding area.

Streamlined Coffee Tables and Shelving

Streamlined Coffee Tables and Shelving
Using streamlined furniture is important when you have minimalistic interior decorating. Shelving should be organised and blend well with your living space. Only fill your shelves with books as this gives your room a sophisticated look.

Make use of square or rectangle shapes as this is the form that goes with most furniture such as coffee tables

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes but in organised living spaces use furniture with straight lines. Square or rectangular tables are ideal for streamlined rooms as they give the appearance that your room is symmetrical. Place a square rug under your symmetrical coffee table to complement the look.

Velvet Sofas

Rugged features have many neutral tones and textures that appear masculine. A living space with rugged features such as leather couches and wood may need to be softened. You can achieve this look by placing a velvet sofa or armchair in the mix.

The soft velvet sofa will add a subtle graceful sheen amongst the strong and rustic features of leather & wood. Neutral tones such as browns and beige paired with a cream velvet armchair would look classy & provide a beautiful contrast between the two styles.

Big Round Mirrors

Mirrors look stunning when they’re placed above a fireplace in the centre of your wall. The use of mirrors creates a bright and welcoming glow as it reflects light coming from your light bulbs or from the sun shining through the windows.

The bigger the mirror, the more powerful your statement is. One advantage is that mirrors come in frames of many designs. Select a mirror that has a stylish frame that will complement the colour of your walls.

Low Furniture

Bulky sofas and armchairs look inviting because they’re soft & comfortable to sit on. However, if you want to add more sophistication to your living space use low cut furniture. Settees are popular to achieve this look as they are made in many chic designs.
Low Furniture
Use cushions according to the shape of your settee. Use rectangle cushions for long and sleek sofas. Or use rounded cushions with sofas with uniquely shaped armrests and backrests.

Elegant Armchairs

Accent armchairs are placed in rooms to accommodate an extra guest. They’re quite versatile as they can be placed in bedrooms as well as libraries. These armchairs make the perfect seating to read a book and play chess.

The use of elegant accent armchairs gives a contemporary approach to living spaces. They tie colour schemes together and introduce sculptural features to any room. Typically people place accent chairs in front of fireplaces and high rise windows.

Chaise Lounge for Bigger Spaces

Do you have a large open planned room? Chaise lounge chairs are typically used for office lobbies but they can also be used in homes with large bedrooms and entrance halls. A chaise lounge is placed in the middle or corner of a large room to add a stylish boudoir feature to a setting.

Final Thoughts

It’s fun and exciting to fill your home with furniture. The type of furniture you select could either bring a rustic look to your home or a charming magical atmosphere. If you’re unsure on how to place your furniture correctly look at home décor websites and magazines.

You can source all your furniture from any Melbourne based signature furniture company. Using signature furniture is ideal as they’re all made with premium materials that are classy and refined. It will impress now and for years to come.