There are a few variables that play an integral role when you are putting in new wood flooring, and it is essential to consider all of them to determine which flooring will suit your home or office the best.

  • The traffic volumes
  • The climate that you live in
  • The cost of different hardwood floor options and your budget
  • Selection of best wood flooring options for specific rooms

1.The amount of traffic that will be done on the hardwood floor you’re installing

The amount of traffic that will be done on the hardwood floor you’re installing
A medium-grade or higher wood type that can withstand the wear and tear throughout the years is recommended for high-traffic areas. Medium-grade woods or a natural maple wood is ideal for areas such as bowling alleys or gym floors. These wood-types are the recommended choice for long-term and regions that will be utilised extensively.

2.How does the climate influence your hardwood flooring selection?

How does the climate influence your hardwood flooring selection
An area with high humidity will have a much more noticeable effect on your floors as the seasons fluctuate. Areas with high humidity generally result in hardwood floors that are slightly expanding and contracting again when the weather changes to dry and warm conditions. When you are uncertain about which type of timber flooring will suit your climate the best, it is recommended to speak to a flooring specialist before making the wrong choice. When you’re making an erroneous selecting, the contraction and expansion of the wood may result in slight gaps forming in the hardwood. With the right advice, you can install flooring that can last you for centuries to come.

3.What is the standard budget for a hardwood flooring assignment?

What is the standard budget for a hardwood flooring assignment
Your budget will control the type and quality of the hardwood flooring will be when the installation is done. Top-grade hardwood i.e. Red Oak and other top-rated hardwoods will cost approximately $5 per square foot. Medium-grade types such as natural maple is about $4 per square foot. Lower grade hardwood, i.e. rustic ash which is a less formal wood which is generally a good choice for family rooms or bedrooms with less foot traffic will be less expensive and about $3 per square foot.

4.The best location for hardwood flooring

The best location for hardwood flooring
The level of your home or office will be a determination when you’re choosing the right flooring materials. Hardwood is susceptible to humidity; therefore, areas such as the basement of a home will have a different type of hardwood than the grade of wood for ground or top-level areas. Sub-flooring also plays a role when making your selection, as you get different types of sub-floors where the hardwood will be installed onto (concrete slab or existing wood sub-floor).


Typically, installing hardwood floors are a more expensive choice as opposed to carpet floors, but they require not as much maintenance, and because they are sealed surfaces with a layer of protective finish, they are more resistant to stains than other kinds of flooring. Hardwood floors can be refinished and repaired and its rarely necessary for the floor to be replaced.