Like your car, air conditioning units require regular tune-ups to remain functional and avoid major breakdowns that spread poor-quality air throughout your home. AC units could experience major malfunctions without regular maintenance visits and generate low-quality air output.

An AC’s lifespan can also be drastically decreased through excessive use or environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity levels or exposure to corrosive materials.

Regular AC servicing can significantly extend your AC unit’s lifespan—consider reliable air conditioning services in Fort Mohave, AZ, with River Valley!

1. Decreased energy bills

AC servicing ensures optimal system performance, lowers energy bills, extends equipment lifespan and enhances indoor air quality. A poorly maintained air conditioner often requires more electricity to run efficiently, leading to higher electricity bills and greater strain on its system – as well as potential breakdowns or costly repairs down the line.

Professional AC unit maintenance service providers can also advise you on how best to utilize it. Utilizing a programmable thermostat and turning it down at night could save money; unplugging appliances when not being used could lower energy consumption as well.

2. Reduced noise 

An air conditioner is essential in providing clean indoor air quality; however, improper maintenance could result in loud and disruptive noise levels. 

For example, an AC unit that has not been serviced regularly could have loose screws or pieces, causing parts to rattle and bang together. This can create loud noises and may cause irreversible damage to your unit. A qualified technician can assist during servicing sessions and quickly address them as necessary.

3. Increased comfort

AC services also involve cleaning ductwork, evaporator coils, and other components to remove dust, dirt, and allergens that cling to them. This improves indoor air quality and can alleviate respiratory issues for residents, such as allergies and asthma. 

Furthermore, regular maintenance is good for your overall air quality, ensuring filters are clean and the air flowing through your vents is free from contaminants.

Beyond air quality, a malfunctioning AC often won’t cool your home as effectively. 

Maintaining basic maintenance tasks on an air conditioner, such as replacing filters regularly, cleaning around its outdoor unit, installing ceiling fans and using a programmable thermostat, are also good practices that can extend its lifespan while contributing to your comfort. 

4. Reduced risk of damage

Your air conditioner is vulnerable to damage when left without proper servicing, and that could mean dirty filters, low refrigerant levels, cracks in the unit itself and corrosion or cracks forming over time if regular AC service is neglected. 

If components are malfunctioning, your unit may overwork itself, leading to wear-and-tear issues and eventual breakdown.

Preventive servicing can help mitigate such damages, saving money in repairs or premature replacement costs; many manufacturers demand regular maintenance as a condition for warranty coverage.

5. Increased value

Regular servicing of your AC unit can significantly increase the value of your home. A well-maintained AC system operates efficiently, providing ideal indoor temperatures and air quality, thereby enhancing the comfort of your home. 

This level of comfort and efficiency is desirable to potential buyers and can influence their perception of your home’s worth. Moreover, a fully functional and efficient AC system implies fewer immediate repairs or replacements for potential buyers, which can positively impact the selling price of your home. 

Therefore, investing in regular AC servicing is not just about maintaining an optimal living environment, but also about securing a higher return on investment when it’s time to sell your home.

When and how to service your AC unit 

The frequency of AC servicing depends on both its type and usage. 

Central ACs generally require more regular service than window or mini-split AC units. Units used more often, or in hot and humid climates may require regular attention to address additional wear and tear. Standing water and exposure to corrosive elements can damage its components, so be mindful of this as well. 

While there are things you can do for DIY maintenance, we recommend calling a professional. 

An expert technician will clean and lubricate the condenser coil and fan, examine electrical parts, check refrigerant levels, and lubricate moving parts during a maintenance visit to help your air conditioner operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and preventing energy bills from shooting up during the summer.

They may also install ceiling fans to flow cool air throughout your home and reduce the workload on the AC system; weather stripping for doors and windows may help decrease outside noise entering into the home; ceiling fans could help distribute cool air more evenly, further cutting costs while keeping cool temperatures inside your home.


Routine servicing reduces the risk of breakdowns, costly repairs, and complete unit failure, ensuring that your unit provides reliable and efficient cooling for years. So, please don’t overlook the importance of AC servicing; it’s an investment that pays off in increased value and peace of mind.