Steel building structures have been around for quite some time in commercial and steel building structures have been around for quite some time in commercial and agricultural architecture. And while the choice for storage and manufacturing plants have long been “steel,” that building trend has just recently entered the residential construction market. Are you considering getting steel home? Is this the first time you even hear about that possibility? Great! Let’s dig in!

Speed of Construction

Speed of Construction
Perhaps not the most significant benefit when it comes to home building, but still, a great plus if you are eager to have your house up and ready to move in, is the speed of construction of steel structures. The reason for the shorter construction time is the fact that all components are engineered and the structure is fabricated and detailed prior to reaching the job site. Once there, the assembly process is quick and easy because it is a lot like arranging a puzzle.

Engineered Structure

The structure of your future steel home will be designed by an engineer, and there’s a lot of room for customization, so it is all the way you want it. Many wood-framed homes, on the other hand, are not designed by an engineer and do not provide as much architectural freedom.

Material Durability

Steel is one of the toughest materials known to humankind, and as such, it can withstand many hard weather conditions, including hurricanes. Steel is also termite-resistant, and you will not have to worry about rotting or water damage. The panels used in the metal structure are well-protected with an anti-rust primer and other finishes. If you want to make a sustainable choice, getting a steel building with second story space as your future home will also be the eco-friendly solution.


Steel structures provide great freedom in choosing the right insulation option, be it spray-in foam, insulated panels, fiberglass, batt, and blanket, or else. The metal itself is an excellent insulator as it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the colder months. If you live in a generally warmer climate, you might want to consider light-colored metal panels as they will reflect the sun and divert the heat from entering your home.

Cost of Construction & Maintenance

Yes, one of the most critical concerns when it comes to home construction is the cost of it. You will naturally want to know what kind of budget you will need and why certain products cost more than others. Residential steel construction is traditionally a lot more affordable than a conventional concrete building. What is more, you will be spending less on maintenance, as you will not have to make replacements now and then as steel simply doesn’t rot.

Even if you don’t want a second floor just yet, you can always have a stronger base so addition can be built, should you wish for it in the future. Residential steel construction is not just a fancy new trend that will go away in the coming years. It is here to stay, and you cannot argue with the many advantages it has over traditional concrete or wood building.