Many factors contribute to the aesthetic or appeal of a dining space. However, one can’t argue with the fact that restaurant tables perhaps play the most fundamental role in shaping customer opinions.

From ambiance to actual dining, tables can enhance a customer’s dining experience tenfold. Therefore, it becomes imperative to do thorough research when selecting the ideal tables for your eatery.

You will need to consider the cost, comfort, durability, and overall functionality to settle on the right restaurant table. All of the above factors can ultimately be determined by understanding what material was used in making the table. Restaurant tables are made from a variety of different materials. The material used lends the restaurant its uniqueness, style, and quality.

Some materials are sturdier than others, while some make for a more stylistic design than others. As such, one must consider what kind of table material you prefer to have inside or outside your eatery. You can’t make this decision lightly as it will affect the end look and feel of your diner’s interior.

So allow us to acquaint you with all the different types of restaurant tables you can buy based on the material used to build them.

Types of Restaurant Table Materials.

1 – Metal Tables

Metal Tables are known for their durability and exceptional strength. They are extremely sturdy and can last in your restaurant for ages before showing any signs of wear and tear. Metal tables are perfect for industrial-styled restaurants that harbor a sleek, factory-like look. If you own a family restaurant, we suggest using metal table tops as they exhibit strong tensile strength and stain-resistant capabilities.

2 – Wood Tables

Wooden tables bring a distinct charm to any restaurant they inhabit. They create a more vintage look with an unusual but mesmerizing old-world appeal. Wooden restaurant tables can further be categorized into two key groups. You can buy hardwood or softwood tables, depending on your preference. You also have an option of buying tables that are an amalgamation of both. Hardwood tables, which are made from oak, maple, cherry, or walnut often last long and display extreme resilience to damage.

3 – Granite Tables

If you want to create a more sophisticated, elegant, and classy look, then Granite tables with their polished surface and smooth edges are a perfect choice. Granite tables come in a ton of colors and design patterns, all of which give a unique look to your restaurant’s interior. Choose a color tone that perfectly matches the style or theme of your restaurant.

4 – Resin table

Resin tabletops are quickly becoming popular these days because of their weather-resistant and durable nature. Such tabletops are made by combining specific types of wood and resin together with appropriate heat and pressure. These tables require little to no maintenance and complement almost all restaurant styles.

5 – Glass tables

Glass tables bring a modern, premium look to your restaurant. This is perhaps why many high-end dining spots use them. Aside from their sophisticated, modern look, they are also very easy to clean. Glass tables also blend well into any restaurant ambiance, regardless of their style and theme.

6 – Laminate Tables

If you are looking for something affordable yet looks amazing, then Laminate tabletops will do the job for you. These tables look like natural wood but are actually synthetic material made by compressing multiple layers, melamine, PVC, and wooden grain finishing. These tables are also available in a number of great designs.

Now that you know what materials are used in making restaurant tables, you can take this into consideration when going furniture shopping next time. If you need further advice, we suggest you get in touch with us at Restaurant Furniture Plus or explore our massive catalog of restaurant tables, available in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and materials.