Today options of fridges go far beyond simply getting a glass of ice water without opening the door. The recent advancements have five doors along with custom panels. Some even hold a pull out refrigerated drawer for frosty sodas. With so many options, the question comes how to select the best refrigerator of all those available options in the market? In fact, one should actually ask How to select the right fridge? How to select the fridge that suits his family? The chosen appliance should fulfil all the needs, storage space, groceries, etc.
Energy Efficiency

Here Are Some Tips To Make The Right Choice.

Learn The Features

There are variety of features starting from door to getting a cold coffee with button press. Learn all those features and make list. Prioritize the needs. This will help to save lot of money. Do not add additional unnecessary features to the list. Add what is required.

Here Are Some Of The Features Available

1. Temperature Control – Make sure there are two controls. One for the main compartment and the other for freezer. These are the basic controls. As the number of compartment increases, one can choose higher options. However, the price increases with increasing options

2. Door Style –Today modern double doors are popular. There are also traditional single door options. Apart from doors, look for various freezer options as follows

  • Bottom freezers are the most convenient options. This is because one need not bend too often to open the main compartment.
  • Large capacity fridges have side by side options to reach the frozen foods easily.

3. Shelves – While looking for shelves, one should check for 2 options namely easy storage and easy cleaning.

  • The shelves should be spill proof and wide enough to store as many food items as possible.
  • The height of the shelves should be adjustable.
  • Removing and cleaning should be easy.

4. Dairy And Eggs Compartment – This is the most important and binding requirement. The fridge should include dairy compartments to store butter, cheese, eggs, milk and ghee. Some fridges come with separate compartment for ghee that is warmer than the rest of the fridge.

5. Lighting – The fridge should have adequate lighting. This helps to avoid scouting things inside the fridge. LED lighting is the best suited

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency1
Apart from features and design, this is another most crucial and vital factor to be considered while buying a fridge. Higher the star rating, lesser is the power consumption. Apart from star rating some of the companies offer exclusive unique names. For instance, EPA energy star rating is quite common. The star ratings might influence $50 – $60. But in the long term, they help to save a lot of energy.

Other Luxury Options

  • Door – in – door – this option allows to access without opening the main door.
  • Ice and Water dispenser
  • Freshness features – air purifiers, dual evaporators.
  • Temperature control – Setting a specific drawer cooler than the rest.