A freshwater planted aquarium is a distinct and natural marine ecosystem you can create for your place. Planted aquariums include specially selected aquatic plants and fish to replicate stunning underwater environments that you find in nature carefully.

Once you create a planted aquarium, it aids you understand the water’s relationship with the plants that enables them to grow and flourish in the case presented with the proper environment.

Before you go any further, you must decide what kind of plants you want in your aquarium. Here are a couple of suggestions you might love to explore.

Where Should You Start From?

Step 1

Just set -up and begin with quality plant substrate:

  • Organize aquarium and stand
  • You must add on top quality, mineral-rich substrate. It would be the foundation for long-term accomplishment
  • Rinse plant substrate properly before you place in the aquarium
  • Fill your aquarium with dechlorinated water and fit filter and heater

Step 2

Test and control pH levels and hardness:

  • Based on your source water, use a water conditioner to regulate the pH to between 6.5 or 7.5. This pH level is suitable for both fish and plants. Remember that you should monitor the pH frequently once your aquarium is set up.
  • If you are in the area that experiences tough water, you can use Reverse Osmosis water.

Step 3

You can add light fixtures:

  • The standard fluorescent lamp you find in an aquarium hood or strip light is not good for healthy plant development.
  • It helps if you replace the supplied fluorescent lamp with a plant lamp.

Step 4

Add up water plants. Use short plants at the forefront and place them in ascending order to fill the midground and background.

Step 5

Add fish (only if you want):

  • Permit your aquarium to establish for at least 2 to 3 weeks before you add fish.
  • A group of 6 to 12 small fish is ideal for natural aquariums. Remember, the plants are the real charm of your natural aquarium.

Step 6

Add supplementary plant nutrients as per the requirement:

  • Since water plants start to develop, they would need supplementary nutrients (fertilization) to grow.
  • You must know that carbon is a mainly crucial plant nutrient, and growing plants rapidly use it. You need to be careful while following the recommendations of the manufacturer to maintain healthy plant development.

You Can Choose a Theme for Plants

You know it is generally a good idea to glue to one central theme. Stem plants, Anubis, Java Ferns, and Crypts are the main kinds. Moreover, you can also check out moss as another plant that would grow in nearly all conditions. It makes a refined addition to any planted aquarium. Here are a couple of suggestions that can do wonders.

Stem Plants

Stem plants will fill your tank back well, and you can shape them easily through trimming. Once you are done, soon, you would find your planted aquarium full of lush plants. Please avoid some plants such as:

  • Hygro plant
  • Red-Colored Plants

Hygro will grow well, but as it gets larger and stems turn out to be closer, its lower leaves would drop off and contaminate the aquarium. Similarly, red plants demand very high lighting, and hence, you should avoid them.

Anubis & Ferns

It will be great if you do not keep Anubis and Java ferns in the substrate, as these are plants that feed directly on the water column. If you would keep them into the stones, they die. They grow somewhat slow, but they look beautiful if you attach them to driftwood or rock.

Potted Plants

Then you can place crypts and potted plants in the gravel, and these are gorgeous looking plants. Since these plants are usually convenient to keep, they are prevalent and can easily afford them. Crypts are indeed a good starter plant.


Moss will grow slow or fast and show different structures that would depend on nutrients and lighting. But you know it is a great looking plant and perfect for the beginners.

You know java moss and Christmas are among two of the most abundant plants, and you just need a little bit to place there, and it would multiply.

Hair Grass

Hair grass is a wonderful looking plant that appears like underwater grass. It is always dynamic to have paddocks in your aquarium.

Hence, no matter if you are new to planted aquariums or a seasoned hobbyist, you are sure to relish your distinct aquarium’s elegant beauty. Follow the right steps, and you will have a beautiful aquarium.