From the first cold of September, it is quite possible that the memory of your energy bills of last winter will come back to you in the head. This winter, how could you really reduce your heating costs?

What is the energy efficiency of your furnace? To reduce your energy bills, consider the age of your furnace

In your search for potential energy savings, it is important to consider the age and efficiency of your furnace. An older heater – a device over 15 years old – is much less efficient than those now on the market.

For example, for an oil-fired heater (“oil”) 15 years or older, you can estimate an energy efficiency, also called energy efficiency, of about 70%. Concretely, energy efficiency means the percentage of energy consumed by your furnace that will actually be converted into heat. In other words, with an appliance that is 70% efficient, it’s as if 30% of the energy used by your furnace was in a loss. Furnace repair Oshawa is a one of the best repairing service provider who gives you best service and also provide full details including invoice generator online.

In your search for energy saving and money saving for the upcoming heating season, replacing an old and inefficient appliance is definitely one of the important options to consider.

At what age should an oil furnace be replaced?

At what age should an oil furnace be replaced
When is it “profitable” to replace an oil furnace? There is certainly something to think about. On its website, Gazifère is proposing a tool, called a savings calculator, that could give you a good idea of ​how much you could save this winter by choosing a more efficient natural gas heater, a source of energy. much less expensive than fuel oil. Do the math; even if your furnace is less than 15 years old, it may be more economical to take action now.

How much does it cost to install a new furnace?

How much does it cost to install a new furnace
Unfortunately, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of the costs associated with labor and transportation. Request a quote from at least three qualified installers to get a better overview of the rates. Furnace installation must be done by a member of expert furnace Installation and repairing service.

At the level of the choice of the furnace, the oil (oil) is not, as you can imagine, very ecological. However, a dual-fuel wood and oil furnace can be an interesting option if you only rarely use fuel oil and your wood is locally harvested and operated responsibly.

Energy efficient gas furnace

Energy efficient gas furnace
A dilemma that many homeowners face, especially row homeowners when their furnace is nearing the end of its useful life.

The reason why the replacement of these furnaces, which are broken down in the old way, can be problematic is that they are no longer imported.

Energy efficient furnaces are now standard because they are more than 89% efficient in converting fuel to heat. They require ventilation by means of a plastic pipe attached to the side of the furnace.

Furnace flue ventilation is not an option as the furnace does not produce enough heat to blow smoke and carbon monoxide up the chimney and obstruction may form.