Air Conditioning Maintenance Tomball TX is a breeze when you hand over the responsibility to the professionals. Although, not all responsibility lies in their hands. There are certain things you can take care of, to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for a longer shelf-life of your cooling unit.

Providing regular care and maintenance for your AC unit keeps your utility bills consistently low while reducing the principle consumption of energy that enables a healthier and longer life span for all components of the cooling unit.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit in the central air split AC type system consists of the condenser and the compressor. While it is recommended to carry out the cleaning of the coils and fins once a year, the practical side shows us that there is more than enough dust and debris accumulation on the external unit to be cleaned regularly every few months. This ensures the prevention of overload on the working of the AC.

Make sure the thermostat is set to off and then remove the main power plug from the master switch. Manually remove as much grass and twigs as you can from the outer unit. Next, comes the top of the unit. Sometimes the fan motor is attached to the top cover, so exercise caution when removing this from the main unit. Wash away the inside of the unit and then get to work carefully on the fins of the unit. Give the fins a gentle wash with some mild detergent water to get the extra grease off of them and then wash it down with a gentle stream of water.

Do not spray directly inside the unit if your top does not come off. The compressor sits inside and you do not want to get it wet. Be gentle when washing the fins around the coils since they bend easily. If you can reach them and work on them, then use a Fin comb, a tool meant to straighten out the fins to improve the airflow, to set the fins as straight as possible, albeit gently.

Simply reverse reassemble everything and check for functioning. If you hear any odd noises, do not go back to check on what you did wrong. Call on the professional services from a trusted Air Conditioning Maintenance service provider and have them deal with the issue.

Keeping the Outdoor unit Leveled


A common problem faced in Texas due to the high heat is the parchment of the ground and the constant settling. This causes the outdoor unit placed on the concrete slab to tilt slightly in the wrong direction. It is of absolute importance to have a leveled unit to ensure smooth delivery of oil and refrigerant through the tubes to lubricate the entire unit from within. Severe tilting can result in the refrigerant leaking into the compressor which is of immediate concern.

Your job is to regularly ensure the unit has not undergone any tilting and if it has, use a temporary hack to level the unit and schedule a maintenance check with an HVAC service provider as early as possible.

Cleaning the Indoor Unit


The indoor unit of the central air split type AC consists of the evaporator coil that accumulates dust over time and reduces the heat absorption efficiency of the coils. Depending on the density of dust build-up within the house, you may need to clean the evaporator coils every three months and let the professionals handle the main servicing every once a year.

With a process akin to cleaning the condenser coils, you have to first gain access to the evaporator coil. This is easily done since there is always an access panel for easy maintenance of the coils. Switch off the thermostat first and plug out the main power from the mains. Next, remove the access panel and examine the condition of the coil to decide if you need heavy cleaning or gentle cleaning accordingly.

You can use compressed air, gentle-bristle brushes to avoid damaging the fins, commercial cleaners, mild detergent or steam cleaning, according to the dust build-up on the coils. Proceed with caution and avoid contact with other components as much as possible. After the cleaning is done, put back the access panel and check for functions.

Regularly changing the Filters

Changing the filters is a relatively simple job. Simply locate where the filter is located and remove the protective covering over the entrance of the filter slot and slide out the filter. Replace the clogged filter with a new filter and slide it in, following the direction on the sliding panel. Put the cover back in place after replacing the filter.

Although carrying out these basic maintenance routines is a big help in maintaining the healthy lifespan of your AC, getting your unit checked by one of the best air conditioning maintenance professionals from WrightWay Comfort goes a long way in keeping your system working efficiently at its maximum potential.