Make use of these tips to simply, safely install a window AC unit and keep your Jacksonville FL house cool this summer.

If you are thinking of installing a new system or need to repair your existing system, it is recommended to approach the best AC installation company Jacksonville FL to assist you with the task. Before approaching an AC contractor, know the model of the unit, steps for installation and also preserve the warranty card. Most people think that AC installation comes under the DIY task. Remember, it is the task that has to be done swiftly and safely. So, it is always good to get help from the AC installation technicians in Jacksonville FL.

Do evaluate your windows

Not all the windows are suitable for the air-conditioner. Most of the appliances are intended for a double-hung opening. It means there is a static upper pane with a lower pane which glides up and down. Casement windows that slant outwards to open and sliding windows that passage from one side to another are not the best option for air conditioners.

It is also necessary to have an electric outlet near the window. The outlet should accept three-prong plugs easily. The majority of the window AC comes with a cord that is only six feet long. Do not use an additional extension cord when installing window AC. It has chances to affect the warranty of most air conditioners. If the extension cord has not been approved for appliances, mention a fire hazard.

For the best performance of the air conditioner, consider the area of the window. It should be straight inside and outside. It is best to set up your AC in a partially shaded or shady window since intense, direct sunlight has chances to affect the efficiency of the unit by almost 10% since it fights to manage the hot air.

Remember that the AC needs adequate clearance for unhindered airflow. Therefore, choose a window free of walls, shrubs, trees, furniture or other obstacles within 20-inches of the AC unit on the outside and inside of the window.


Do not think that you are allowed to install the window AC unit

Most homeowners think that they are permitted to install the AC unit. If you are residing in a condo complex, an apartment, or an area with homeowner’s association, you need to check with the HOA board or management before purchasing or installing a unit on your own. Certain complexes do not permit window air-conditioners for aesthetic reasons like they are not appealing add-ons to the exteriors of the building. When the AC unit is not installed properly, it has chances to fall from the space, creating a protection hazard.

Do not miss to analyze the measurements

It is one of the important things to keep in mind before starting AC installation in Jacksonville FL.     Remember, there are two kinds of measurements where you have to select for installing the window air conditioner. The square footage of the area of the AC unit will cool and the width and height of the window opening. Generally, the packaging of the AC will mention both the supreme square footage the AC unit can cool and the size limit of acceptable windows. So, ensure your measurements remain within the rules for the AC you are considering.

While measuring the window, ensure it is open completely or far as it moves. With the help of measuring tape, find the inches from top to end and from side to side. If you are not aware of your room’s square footage you are willing to cool, with the assistance of a helper measure against the walls to get the length. Repeat the same procedure on the other side to determine the width. Multiply the two answers to get the square footage. If your room is 12 feet long and 11 feet wide, then your room is 132 sq.ft.


Do schedule installation with top professionals

When you work with professional and experienced contractors for AC installation in Jacksonville FL, you can get more than that professional output. They know well which design and size fit rightly in your home. They would integrate it into the property correctly every phase of the way. If you want to enjoy the next level cooling experience, ensure to approach only qualified professionals for AC installation.