Electricity is a boon for humanity, but living without electricity can be very difficult, even for a single second. So, portable generators can be highly beneficial if you face regular power cuts, live in a recreational vehicle, or need power for a project.

It can be challenging to wait for the electricity to restore as none of your appliances would work, and your life would come to a standstill. Moreover, people who live in recreational vehicles need electricity to run various appliances in remote locations when they are at a halt. 

So, a portable generator comes to the rescue as you can use it in multiple locations and for various purposes. The best portable generator is the one that can be used without any hassle. 

Here are some top benefits of buying a portable generator. 

1. Emergency power

You need emergency power, especially if you are in the business of providing emergency assistance to people, then you can’t live without power at all. Even if you are not in an important business, many businesses can’t afford to lose power at any cost. For instance, if you are a first responder or provide roadside assistance, you need to have a high-quality portable generator at your disposal. 

So, a portable generator is a perfect solution to provide you with emergency power in case of an outage or to run any essential types of equipment. 

2. It can power tools

While emergencies are a big reason people use portable generators, they can be used for non-emergencies too. For instance, contractors and other service providers use portable generators to power their tools to complete construction sites that don’t have power. Contractors can also use standard generators, but portable generators are especially beneficial as they can use them in multiple locations. In addition to powering tools at a construction site, it can also be used to power lights and other appliances on the site. 

3. Power up appliances

If you don’t want to shell out a large amount of money for big generators, in that case, portable generators have multiple power outlets on them that can easily power your computer and other small appliances. So, in case of lengthy blackouts, you can dedicate a small portable generator to your computer and other essential devices. 

4. Recreational uses

Not only can a portable generator power up your appliance and tools, but it can power an entire tiny house or a recreational house. While many camping spots have power outlets for recreational vehicles, a portable generator will prove beneficial when you are out camping in the wilderness or taking a halt at a remote location. It can run your stove, small refrigerator, a TV, dishwasher, water heater, and water pumps. The best portable generator for recreation purposes is the one that can be charged using solar energy, as whenever you are out, you don’t have to worry about sourcing gasoline. 

While buying a portable generator, you must choose the size of the generator for your needs and the actual power output for the generator. Furthermore, you must also consider the warranty offered along with the generator.