One of the most common problems with properties can be issue with damp. There are three main types of damp; rising damp, condensation and penetrating damp. There are different methods for dealing with each so it’s recommended to seek professional help from damp specialists like London Damp Solutions. It’s also important to act as quickly as possible as the problem is likely to only get worse. Keep reading for a list of benefits highlighting why you should damp proofing your property.

Health Improvement

The main benefit of damp proofing your home is that it assists in preventing health problems caused by living in a moist environment. Mould, which appears on surfaces as unsightly brown, black, or green patches and emits an unpleasant musty-damp odour, can be unpleasant and dangerous if inhaled.

Mould contamination causes headaches, wheezing, coughing, throat irritation, and eye irritation. Damp proofing your property will keep you and your family safe from the above health issues especially.

Increase Value of Your Property

Recurrent damp spots may be an issue if you plan to sell your home soon or in the future. Damp proofing your home will keep it in top condition and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Damp-proofing your home can significantly increase its value. Beyond safety and strength, you’ll get a better price when you sell your home. You can keep your property’s value and estimated cost high with damp proofing.

Decrease Humidity Levels

During winter months, humidity can play a huge factor in damp levels in your property. As it’s colder outside, people tend to keep windows shut, dry clothes insides, leave their houses less and this all adds to the overall humidity in the property which can lead to issues with damp. The cold air outside also means condensation build up from windows can occur and further add to humidity levels.

Get Rid of Property Structural Issues

It is important to note that dampness can cause structural damage to your home. Bad damp conditions can cause irreversible damage to the timbers that support your property’s structure, so avoid it at all costs. Dampness will cause wet and dry rot, which are hazardous conditions for the structure of a property.

Wet rot occurs when a fungus causes damp wood. Dry rot occurs when a structure is not properly ventilated. Proper damp proofing can prevent both wet and dry rot.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Smells 

Dampness is a significant cause of unpleasant smells, and it will cause frustration and a bad working or living environment. Moisture can cause mould growth in your home, leaving it damp and musty. An unpleasant odour may be coming from a wet patch or mould spores hidden behind furniture.

The smell of dampness and mould in your home can become overwhelming, making it difficult to entertain guests or go about your daily routine. With professional damp treatment, you should get rid of the odour quickly. Keeping a clear line of sight is critical when dealing with dampness because it is not always out of mind.

In conclusion, the benefits to damp proofing your property are clear. Not only will your health benefit, your property will require less maintenance and will hold its value.