It’s wonderful to have a home to call your own, but there are times in life where you know that it’s time for a change. Whether it’s because of work, a relationship, or just the need to start a new chapter, moving out is inevitable at one point or another. It’s interesting how you can have different feedback from people about their moving experiences. However, it is possible to make it stress-free and actually enjoyable if you do it right. This is why we’re going to provide you with a few tips that are guaranteed to make it smooth sailing for you. 

Declutter as You Pack

One of the main sources of stress when it comes to moving out is the process of packing. Many of us generally just do not know what to do! This is why you need to start off with the mindset that you are not just packing to put things away but to lessen your load and get rid of the clutter. This is the best opportunity for you to take on a more minimalistic approach and start with a clean slate. Regardless of whether your new space will be able to handle all your clutter or not, it should be your goal to get rid of as much as you can. It’s understandable that many of us love to hold on to things that may have sentimental value, or that we simply feel like cannot do without, but it’s important for you to take on a new approach. How valuable is it? Can someone else benefit from this? Is it just collecting dust hidden out of sight? The more you give away, the more space you’ll have to start over and redesign and declutter your home, and your mind as well. 

Organize Disposal Options

Naturally, when you declutter, the next step is making sure that you dispose of these things properly. You have a couple of options. You can sell the items- either online or organize a garage sale before you move out. You can distribute them amongst your friends, family, or to a charity. And when it comes to things that are just not distributable at all, it’s time to throw them out indefinitely. If we look at Australia as an example, they have companies that offer services that allow you to get rid of clutter and trash in one go, regardless of its size. When it comes to hiring skip bins Brisbane locals already have people that they rely on, and these companies send over the skip bin at the arranged time to collect everything in one go. Skip bins are a great idea if you have a ton of trash to get rid of, and this is usually the case when you’re moving out, so ask around your area to find out who can help you with this. 

Pack Smart

When it comes to the packing process, you need to be smart in the way you pack. Before you get started, make sure you have all the items you need to make the process easy and smooth for you. You’ll need boxes, bubble wrap, brown paper for breakables, scissors, tape, markers (permanent and non-permanent), and a clipboard for your list. Making a checklist is your Holy Grail because this will be what keeps the stress under wraps. When you make checklists for your packing process, you’ll see how much more organized the whole process becomes. You can make a plan for how many days it will take, who you need to call to get things done in the old and new place, what you’re packing in which box, and what needs to be moved first. These checklists will also come in handy when you’re unpacking as well. Most importantly, label everything! This way you’ll know which boxes go into which rooms in the new place, what holds fragile items, and you’ll be able to keep track of every single thing you’ve packed as well. 

Make it Fun

There’s a lot to do, no doubt about it- and this is why you’re so stressed out. So why not break the seriously tense mood by getting friends and family involved? Lighten up the process by having a packing party! Give everyone a clipboard and assign them to different tasks or rooms, provide them with pizza and drinks, and make a whole day out of it! You’ll find that people will be more than willing to lend a hand, and it’s a great way for everyone to get together and bond before you head out on your way to your new prospects in life. Not only that, but you’ll get things done at a much faster rate this way as well. 

Speak to a Moving Company

This should actually be one of the first steps you take after you decide to move out. The reason for this is you want to compare prices between companies and see how reliable they are. You need a company that will care for your things and is also easily reachable if need be. Talk to them about what you have, the approximate volume of items you’re going to want to move, and figure out how long the whole process will take. 

Move Your Appliances First

If you don’t already know how it goes, it’s important that you make the move in parts to ensure that it’s not a disaster and to keep it stress-free. This means that you need to have your appliances moved and installed first. The reason for this is that this will definitely take a whole day. You’re going to have to get an electrician and a plumber in to make sure that everything is set up correctly and up and running. Once this is all taken care of, you can comfortably have the rest of your belongings moved in so you can focus on unpacking one room at a time. 

Moving out is often associated with mixed feelings of excitement and stress, but if you actually use the tips provided here, you can scratch the stress out of the formula once and for all! Moving doesn’t have to be hard or complicated or messy. You just need to stay calm and stay organized, and it will be a walk in the park for you.