In any homeowner’s life, there will be times when they have issues with their roof. There are several different forms of roofing issues that need to be taken care of immediately. Many other tasks that require great skill can be dangerous as well. We also do not suggest that you attempt to solve the issue yourself. Instead, you should call professional roofers San Rafael to get the job done right the first time.

Before hiring a roof repair company, let us take a look at the most common roofing problems homeowners face.

Roofers San Rafael: Most Common Roofing Problems

Leaks on the roof.

This is perhaps the most prevalent roofing concern that homeowners experience. Several problems are associated with broken shingles, broken tiles, shattered flashing, and slate. Roof leaks typically occur in these areas:

  • On broken shingles.
  • Next to the fireplace.
  • At windows.
  • Around rain gutters.
  • Close to any ventilation or tubing.
  • In low places or valleys.

Contact the local San Rafael roofers as soon as you know that your roof needs repairs or maintenance.

Holes and punctures.

Many variables, such as foot traffic and wild animals, will leave behind many issues, such as puncture marks, cuts, scrapes, and even gaping holes on the roof. Woodpeckers can make a hole in the roofing, and people can also cause damage to the roof by walking on the roof’s shingles. The damage caused by the above-mentioned examples will affect the roof’s component and cause it to rot when exposed to moisture.

Cracks and blisters.

Roofs, over the year, may have rust stains, blisters, and cracks. The probability of suffering such damages depends a great deal on the roof type you have built. Built-up rooftops are not all that sturdy and are highly susceptible to blistering and cracking.


Certain issues may result from the shrinking of the roofing materials, including cracking, corrosion, and the peeling away of flashing sections. This is due to the shrinking of EPDM foam that is used as a roof covering.

Skilled roofers San Rafael have years of experience fixing roofs. If you are concerned about damage or getting your roof fixed for shrinkage, you can always make an appointment with them.

Collected water.

If water starts pooling on top of the roof, it can cause a great deal of long-term issues such as leaking roof, etc. Pooled water is a massive issue for those with flat roofs and slabs. The key to preventing leaks is to do tapers on the roof. These inclines will cause the water to drain off, which will prevent water damage to the roof.

Snow and ice storm destruction.

Snow and ice will do a lot of damage to your roof. This is because the water will seep beneath the roof of your house, seeping into the shingles. More issues will arise when the water will be frozen again. The ice beneath the roof will then push into the shingles or the flashing, and it will eventually cause it to be lifted up. Consequently, this creates spaces for more water or snow to get into.

The only way to prevent winter damage to the roof is to do routine spring and fall maintenance and inspection. By treating circumstances carefully, you would not be taken by surprise or need emergency roof repair services.

Inappropriate installation.

Getting untrustworthy or inexperienced roofing specialists will cost you a lot of money at some point. In fact, improperly installed roofs are the main reasons for multiple long-term problems, roof leaks, and short roof life. 

Roofers San Rafael has years of experience in the roofing industry. They get the job done right the first time, so you would not end up with high maintenance bills in the long run. 

Damages caused by trees.

This can eventually happen when a branch of a tree hits your house’s roof, leading to substantial damage. Various factors, such as tree branches banging against a roof all the time, can crack the surface of a roof and will wear down the top layer of the roof. No matter what, it is best to keep surrounding trees trimmed so that branches would not hang over your house. You can also cut hanging branches of any trees that could pose a problem on your roof.

Gutters that are clogged up.

If gutters are clogged, blocked, or broken, it could pose a serious problem because it would only mean that the water will back up into the system. If this occurs, the moisture will spread to the eaves in which it will cause them to decay. Checking gutters regularly to prevent dropping debris is a good practice. You can also ensure that twigs and leaves do not get into your gutter system by adding drain covers to prevent those things from coming in.


A lot of roofing issues are manageable when caught early on. Doing routine maintenance is the cheapest and the simplest way to repair a minor problem. Ignoring probable trouble sports is one of the easiest ways to get yourself in a stressful and undesirable situation. One of the simplest ways to prevent this problem is to make sure that maintenance is made on a regular basis.

Who should a homeowner employ for any roof replacement? You should just not choose the first roofer that you hear about. Before you spend money on a service, please do extensive research first. The roofers must be genuine, honest, and competent.

If you need an emergency repair service for roofs in San Rafael, Roofers San Rafael will quickly provide assistance. They can also help extend the roof’s life expectancy.

The roof repair problem can be daunting, but there is no need to bear it on your own. This is something that you cannot just do yourself if you do not have the knowledge and skill. You can hire professionals to do it for you. By doing this, you will know that there are well-qualified workers, and you will be able to save money in the long run because rest assured that they would do their job right the first time.