We all wish to have a peaceful and beautiful place to live. Our house is the only place where we spend most of our time. We can only do changes to our homes, home renovation seems to be a very big thing but to be honest it is almost a matter of some hours. You can use a number of things such as wallpapers, Spanish Tiles UK, mats, rugs, lamps or some old vases for making your place great.

The main features of a house are its outer look, the bathrooms, kitchen, living areas and the bed rooms. I am skipping the attics and drawing rooms here because many of us do not have drawing rooms and attics are the storage portions so there is no point in renovating an attic.

In this blog I will only focus on some cheap ways of renovating your house. I know when it comes to renovating your place you think about calling an architecture but trust me here you will not need one.

Start with the curtains

Start with the curtains
curtains are the most prominent and mood making feature of your house, the color you choose for your room or curtains effect your mood, so if you are planning to renovate your house. Change the color of the curtains. For instance if you are planning to have them for your living area make sure to have some dark colors, because living areas are visible from outside and there can be a chance that during night someone might watching you.

Another thing is having net curtains, these can be light colored and bright, you will hang them underneath the dark curtains, along with the curtains you will have to buy the holders as well, the ribbons to tie them.

Pro tip:

Go for the second hand curtains and dry clean them, for holders you can use your old t shirts and can cut them in strips, here you need to be a bit creative.


Change the wallpapers only for some walls, do not change the color of the entire room, it will make it very monotonous and that is a bit mundane, chose a single wall from each room and change its wallpaper.

In case you do not have wall papers you can have some tiles or do some creative stuff like making a mosaic. There is a lot of stuff available on internet go have a look.

Mirrors and fans

These two things have to be cleaned very carefully and you should not skip this. Do this on a regular basis and your house will stay as a newly built house for ever, you have to get some newspaper and vinegar for cleaning the mirrors.

Now for cleaning fans get some baking soda and lemon and scrub your fans with that. It will take off all the dirt and grease within seconds, detergents are only for washing clothes do not expect that they will be effective for cleaning metal as well.

Get antiques

Get antiques
Now it is time to decorate, check your attic if you have got some old stuff, clean them up with bleach or baking soda. Mend them or fix them. You can also create some wall hangings using your own creativity, in case you have not got any thing find out some vases and order some fresh flowers they will be the best alternative of any kind of antiques, the organic way of decoration and the most cheapest as well.

In case you do not have got any vases then your books, place your books on your shelf in a way that will have an impact of sequenced and cleaned room. Here is a trick the decoration of your house is all about a sequenced and settled place.


Renovating is not a science and is as cheap and affordable as you make it, you are not bound to call some experts you can easily do this at home by using some old stuff or some broken tiles as well.