Living in a dull and dark room can make you feel awful and miserable. But there is good news. There are myriads of ways to brighten up a dark and gloomy place. From different accessories, mirrors to making changes to your ceiling and wood floorings, there are a variety of options you can consider to make your house look more sunnier. Window shutters and blinds can also help evenly spread the light across the room and improve the lighting in your home. Shutters can cut out the noise, bring in more light and also provide privacy. So, if you are looking for shutters to bring in more natural light inside your home, then choose either plantation or traditional shutters. They can also insulate your house and curtail the energy bills. Despite some similarities, traditional wooden window shutters and plantation shutters are however different.

Traditional wooden shutters

Traditional wooden shutters
These type of shutters have small slats and work best for single windows or combination of windows. They are ideal for kitchen and bathroom windows. Traditional shutters are also called the colonial shutters and used in homes with a country decor or early American interiors. The angled slats allow light to enter the room. The traditional shutters are made of wood and can be painted and stained in a wide range of colours.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters were used originally in the plantation homes in South America outside the windows as protection from heat and sun. But today they are also used as interior window coverings to allow plenty of light, privacy and heat. Plantation shutters have large slats usually 3 to 4-1/2 inches wide and can lend an elegant look to any room of your house. They are an excellent alternative to drapes and shades for larger windows and can make a room look larger. These are versatile window treatments and most commonly come in white colour. Plantation shutters are mainly made of three types of materials – wood, composite, and vinyl.

Wood plantation shutters

Wood plantation shutters
Wood plantation shutters can be transformed into different shapes and sizes. Unlike the vinyl and composite plantation shutters which are prefabricated, the wood plantation shutters can also be painted and stained. Wood shutters give more natural decor to your home.

Composite plantation shutters

Composite plantation shutters are also known as engineered wood or faux wood shutters. They are made up of MDF wrapped in PVC or vinyl coating. They are durable and resistant to humidity and weather. Composite plantation shutters are also cheaper as compared to the wood shutters.

Vinyl plantation shutters

Vinyl plantation shutters are the cheapest among the three types of plantation shutters. They are also weather resistant. They contain no wood and are mainly made of PVC or aluminium. But large vinyl shutters can have structural issues, if made large. They can also warp in direct sunlight over time.

Traditional wooden shutters vs plantation shutters

Traditional wooden shutters vs plantation shutters

  1. Traditional wooden window shutters have narrower slats whereas the plantation shutters have more full slats which allow more light to enter into the room.
  2. The traditional wooden shutters have small angled louvres and have less space between the louvres. Because of this reason, they are more suited to smaller windows. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, have larger louvres and are great for large window areas. And so give a more spectacular view of the outdoors.
  3. The traditional window shutters cannot be custom made. They are made in several sizes to fit the majority of windows. Plantation shutters can be made to size and therefore leave no gaps.
  4. Traditional shutters are mostly made with real wood but can also be made of faux wood. They can also be stained for a unique finish. Plantation shutters can be made of faux wood, treated real wood with vinyl covering, etc.
  5. Both the shutters have adjustable slats encased in window-mounted frames.
  6. Plantation shutters are custom-made, so they usually come with a high price tag as compared to the traditional shutters.

A bright and airy room is not only inviting but can enhance your mood, lower your stress and improve your overall health. Whether you choose the plantation shutters or the traditional wooden window shutters, these elegant and classic coverings can add style to your home and upgrade its value also. Both the styles have their advantages, and it mainly boils down to your choice and decorating style.