Your backyard should be a place of enjoyment, irrespective of the size. More specifically, it should be an area where you go to when you want to have some quiet time, relax and have fun. Think of it as an enticing gateway right inside your home. Here’s how to transform your yard into an oasis.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Get Rid of the Clutter
A backyard full of clutter isn’t fun. For starters, it is challenging to move around, let alone relax. So, clear out the clutter, prune overgrown hedges, relocate the slides and swings or donate them if you don’t have children around.

The thing is, you have to start on a clean slate, as it allows you to access the elements you need to give your garden a new look. That way, you can improve the view and let in some fresh air.

Install an Above Ground Pool

What could be more soothing and relaxing than an above ground pool in your yard? Whether it is a small one for two or a large tub that can accommodate your entire family, a pool will spruce up things in your backyard. But, as this recent post clarifies, you have to invest in proper cleaning equipment to get rid of pebbles, leaves and other debris.

Keep in mind that you want to improve your yard, not to turn it into an unpleasant, filthy place with a clogged swimming pool.

Bring Some Seats

Bring Some Seats
Sure, sitting is one thing, but lounging on a padded seat is entirely different. So, don’t go for any seat. Select units that can allow you to relax and stretch, whether it is by your above ground pool, umbrella or deck.

When the seating is comfortable, you can sit back and unwind in your yard instead of spending time at your patio dining table for a grilled burger. You can even mount a hammock if you want to take relaxation to the next level.

Add a Water Feature

A water feature will complement your swimming pool whenever you want to cool off. More than that, it allows you to take a break from the hustles of life without leaving your home. Besides, the sight and sound of the water offers a therapeutic and calming effect.

Some of the affordable water features you can buy include a wading pool, fountain, garden pond or birdbath.

A Shade

A Shade
An umbrella offers more than the much-needed shade. One next to your pool creates the ambiance of a sandy shore, vacation at a resort or a sandy beach. The fact that it stands tall above other furniture makes the scene inviting and beautiful. It’ll drive you to spend your weekend lounging on the seat, sipping an icy mojito or cocktail.

Some of the ways to create shade in your yard include planting trees, gazebos, and pergolas.

Get the Landscaping Right

Landscaping is an essential part of redesigning your backyard. The plants, for instance, have to set the right mood and theme for your garden. You want something that can bring in the memories of your favorite tourist destination.

Be sure to choose plants that can cope with the local weather pattern. Mix shrubs, exotic trees, perennials, and vines to get the best of what nature has to offer.

Consider working with an experienced landscape designer to help you with ideas.

Add Fire

Add Fire
A chiminea, fireplace or pit will provide the warmth you need in your backyard when temperatures dip or in the evening. Of course, having a chat with your friends or family around a fire is calming. Even more relaxing is snuggling with your partner as you stare at the flames.

There’s a collection of affordable fire pits that you can carry from point A to B as you laugh the night away.


You shouldn’t let your backyard be accessible to everyone. Divide and seclude designated areas with walls, screen or fences. The way to go about it here is to ensure that the barrier’s height allows you to see the rest of the yard while providing a sense of surprise and mystery.

Overhead roofs and arbors are excellent for partitioning your garden while providing shade at the same time.

In Conclusion

You can transform your yard from a dull, gloomy place into a vibrant space where you can spend most of your free time with family and friends. You only need to get the basics right, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to add lighting to illuminate the garden at night.