Do you know that you can kill pest through natural elements? Are you thinking to quit giving bunch of money to pest control professional? As you know that pest professional and their team are really amazing in their work but they can also cost you charges. Some people can afford this but some middle and lower class wouldn’t able to hire them.

We must think about them and try to find the alternative things that can kill pest and wouldn’t cost you at the end. And guess what? Luckily many other organic and natural products are also find that kill the pest. 

It is best for those who are unable to hire professionals but still tired of pest. You can use them and get rid of the pest and their disease. Many companies are found for pest control in Florida to get rid of pest. They are amazing in their work but still they are highly expensive that not everyone can utilize and call them. Don’t worry because in this article you will learn that what kind of natural and organic pest are found to avoid the irritating pests. So lets begin to read. 

Diatomaceous earth 

You must have reading this first time but believe me that it work like boom. Its another name is the Chile pepper. It is number one natural products that easily available to use at home. It destroy the exoskeleton of insects by causing dehydration and in results the insects die. Mostly used to kill crawling pests. 

Boric acid

Another organic element that is considered to kill the pest same like Chile pepper. It will destroy the exterior shell of the pest and later they die because the moisture content for those pest is zero. It is used for pest that invade in your house.  The way in which you should apply the acid is its dry form before application. It is risk free and contaminant free so, feel free to kill rodents and rats. 

Organic baits 

It is safest and effective as compared to chemical pesticide. They are similar as like food so its kind of bait that we set for the pest and if they fall for and eat by thinking its food then its perfect method. 

Another benefit is that is kid safe as well. Somehow you must be thinking that a small child also fall for the bait. But its totally opposite and provide the safest killing ever and yet effective. 

Tobacco spray 

Tobacco must be considered dangerous for human but not for insects and pest but rather it kill them and stop spreading the different virus. Caterpillar and aphids are mostly found dead after you use the Tobacco spray. It is the non toxic  substances and alternative that kill pest. 

Final thoughts

After reading this article, you must know that you can kill pest without hire a professional and by using the organic and some natural pesticides. This will found in nature so that everyone can stay safe in clean environment.