Whether you are involved in real estate investment or looking for the home of your dreams for you and your family, there will be a time where you will need different professionals around you to carry out certain tasks. Evidently, you do not know everything, therefore you must consult with the right experts to ensure that all work in your property is done to a high standard. 

One of the professionals you may need on your team is a surveyor. You must understand that there are different types of surveyors and they will each have different roles and responsibilities. If you are planning to make modifications to the land and property that you own, these will need to be assessed and verified by a qualified land surveyor, who is responsible for plotting, measuring and recording the details of the land. This article will advise you of what land surveyors do and when you will need to hire one, so that you can achieve your real estate plans whilst meeting legal requirements. 

When You Are Planning to Build a Property

If you own land and are planning to build your own property in this area, you must consult with a land property before this can go ahead. Land surveyors will be able to review the area, advise you of where your boundaries are as well as how to build on land and to ensure you adhere to local codes and regulations. There are different types of land surveyors, with the most common being: construction or engineering, which looks at changes in property lines and and review the location of the buildings and roads; geodetic, which are the surveyors that use satellite and aerial imagine to measure major parts of the Earth; and boundary surveyor, which helps to determine exactly where the property lines are located. Land surveyors may have more than one of these skills or focus on one particular area of expertise. 

When You Buy a Home

If you are planning to buy a property on an area of land, you will need a qualified land surveyor to attend the area to complete a survey. This is the only professional that can detail precisely what the area that you want to purchase includes. Some aspects that are included as part of this survey include details of the boundaries in relation to other properties as well as in which property trees, fences and outbuildings fall under. 

You Want to Extend your Home

Land surveys are required if you plan to make alterations to an area, whether this is the land or the property on the land. Some people have enough space in their surroundings to build an extension to their property, however, before you get started on this, you will need a land surveyor. It can be easy to misjudge the boundaries of a land, which can result in you building something on someone else’s property. You want to avoid this at all costs, to avoid disputes and issues with other property owners. The professional completing the land survey will be responsible to guarantee that the location of the building is marked precisely on a map to ensure this is within your boundaries. 

You Need to Erect a fence on Your Property

Fences are what physically separate you from your neighbours and outside areas. This is the physical cue of the boundaries that are in place. If you have a fence others know that it is your property and they should not trespass it as this is illegal. Although having fences is a great way to ensure privacy, you cannot simply decide to put up fences wherever you want. If erecting a fence is in your plans, you may need a land surveyor to advise you of the boundaries. As already discussed, this professional will be able to advise you of where the invisible lines are and exactly where your fence will need to go. If there are any disputes with neighbours about fences and whose responsibility it is, this can also be resolved by a land surveyor.  

You Have a Boundary Dispute with a Neighbour

Disputes with neighbours over boundaries can be easy to arise. This is particularly occurring for real estate investors who want to make alterations to the property to increase its value and their profit. If you live in Ireland, for example, and find yourself in a dispute with someone over the land, it is a good idea to consult with this Land Surveyor in Ireland as they may be able to present information that prevents the escalation of such situations, which can often end up in court. This can help you save much time and money and help you resolve disputes amicably without going through the legal system. 

You Need Some Advice on Developing your Land

You may have plans to develop your land but unsure of how you go about this. Although many individuals assume that once you buy land, you can do whatever you want with it, this is not necessarily true. There are laws and regulations that you must follow before you go ahead. A land surveyor is the best professional to help you achieve this so that you can ensure that you meet all regulations in land development. 

You Want to Subdivide your Land

Some real estate investors see the value and potential in a piece of land and decide to do more with it than to just build one house. They decide to divide the land into different parts to build different properties. This is known as subdividing. Although this can be a very expensive process, it can add a significant amount of value to the land and increase t

The amount of profit made. Just like a home extension, as we discussed previously, the process of subdividing the land begins with a land survey of the existing condition of the land to show the potential and any possible restraints that may arise whilst doing this. 

Land surveyors carry an important role in your real estate and you should use them if necessary. The information discussed below will provide you with a clear insight of what land surveyors do and which situations may require you to consult with one.