Installed air conditioners in your house make the microclimate comfortable in any weather conditions. But many owners of such a technique are sure that preventive maintenance is a waste of time and money if it continues to work somehow. And they are very much mistaken about it.

Why do you need a service air conditioner?

Just like any other mechanical device, an air conditioning system needs preventive maintenance checks to minimize the risk of breakdowns in future operations. A qualified HVAC contractor can help. To properly evaluate the service, it is important to understand exactly how the unit works.

Its main task is to remove heat and moisture from the room it serves and fill it with clean, fresh air, and as a result, over time, dirt and dust accumulate in the air conditioner’s filters. If these filters are not cleaned from time to time, the efficiency of the system will soon decrease.

The owner will have to set more and more low temperatures in settings to get such an effect, which was reached earlier with much less effort of technics. The result of running a dirty air conditioner is more electricity consumption and higher utility bills. In addition, the system will blow out polluted dusty air, which is very bad for the occupants of the house, especially for allergies, asthmatics, and small children.

Features of HVAC maintenance

Separate parts of split systems need periodic cleaning and lubrication, otherwise, after a while, they start making annoying extraneous noises. Subsequently, it also affects the capacity and performance of the climate systems.

Sometimes owners hope that they can save money and get excellent air quality by cleaning the filters themselves. However, it is a wrong opinion because such appliances need to check all the internal mechanisms by opening the body, and it is better to trust a professional. Upon such inspection, in 99% of cases, it turns out that not only the filters but also the impeller or even the entire heat exchanger of the indoor unit need to be cleaned. Regular maintenance also increases the efficiency of your air conditioner.


Air conditioning maintenance is not a manufacturer’s whim but a necessity to ensure a healthy indoor climate and uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Many works can be done with your efforts. And doing them regularly will significantly extend the service life of the equipment. However, from time to time, it is necessary to perform professional cleaning of the equipment by specialized service teams.

With long-term operation, almost all parts and mechanisms of an air conditioner become subject to wear and tear. There can also be problems with the refrigerant, which can be eliminated only with special tools and knowledge. Even though the service is a paid service, thanks to it, the owner can be calm about his property.