It’s been just a few hours since you last cleaned up, and now your house is looking like it needs another round of thorough cleaning. Maybe you’re missing something, or you’re just not cleaning correctly. But your budget can obviously not accommodate the services of professional cleaners. Here’s the best way to clean your house and not have to think about cleaning experts for even one minute. Check out this blog to learn more.

Strategize Your Cleaning

Some people might say, “cleaning is cleaning no matter how you go about it.” But strategy and organization are obviously fundamental if you are going to be efficient and fast while cleaning your house. When you follow an orderly pattern, you’ll hardly omit the tiny, important places, and you’ll get to spend less time touching every corner of your house.

For strategy, house cleaning experts suggest cleaning your house from top to bottom and left to right. They also suggest corporate cleaning, i.e., finishing up a particular task in every part of the house before moving to the next.
Strategize Your Cleaning
So, if your house includes an upstairs, start from the rooms and spaces upstairs. Or work your way from the ceiling and top shelves downwards if you live downstairs. Then ensure to clean every piece of furniture in the entire house before the floors. This way, you’ll save space and deal with the monotony that comes with going through a particular task hours after you’ve done the same task in another room.

Use Cleaning Products and Tools To Ease Off Stress

Some cleaning tasks that could take you hours to complete can actually be done in minutes when you use the right tool and natural cleaning products. On application, certain products can quickly destroy germs, and decompose dirt so that you’ll have very little hard work to do afterward.

Using the right cleaning tools can also help you conserve energy and prevent damage to your furniture and appliances.

Dusting and Surface-Cleaning Should Come First; Vacuuming Should Come Last

Dusting and surface cleaning should be done before vacuuming because you wouldn’t want to have dust from your ceiling collect on the sofa you vacuumed minutes ago.

To dust your house thoroughly, start by removing cobwebs from your ceiling and wall corners. Decongest and arrange surface before you begin to dust around the house. Then, using a microfiber cloth, dust your way from top shelves, furniture tops, TVs, and frames down to handrails, furniture bases, and baseboards.

Vacuuming should be the finishing touch you give to your house. Vacuum your furniture, kitchen, floors, and baseboards using the dedicated upholstery attachment or good vacuum cleaners with filter bag attachments.

Keep a Trash Bag Handy

A trash bag you carry along with you while you clean can help you save a lot of time. Instead of having to move waste baskets from different rooms to the backyard several times, a handy trash bag would be beneficial. It would also help you remember the places you’ve cleaned and those you still have to work on.

Don’t Forget Baseboards, Switches and Under the Sink

Even when your entire house sparkles like a new watch, an unclean baseboard can spoil everything. Wall sockets, light switches, and underneath sinks are also places that can very easily be left out during house cleaning. So, make deliberate efforts to clean them using a damp microfiber cloth. Try to turn off power while cleaning electrical appliances to avoid an electric shock.

Clean Hardwood Floors and Stainless Steel Surfaces Along Their Grains

Clean Hardwood Floors and Stainless Steel Surfaces Along Their Grains
Irrespective of how well you might have cleaned your entire house, seeing dried water or cleaning product streaks afterward can be frustrating. Always remember to clean your floors and stainless steel surfaces (especially your stove and kitchen sink) along the grains of the material of construction.

Do Not Forget to Disinfect

Using a solution of bleach and warm water, take time to disinfect your kitchen sink, bathrooms, and toilet. Also, allow this solution to run down every drain in your house to get rid of germs.

You can also pour a solution of alcohol and water in a spray bottle then spray it on every surface before cleaning. Target points that are frequently touched or used while you disinfect. Don’t leave out door knobs and handrails.