Whether you are replacing an old roof or building a brand-new dream home, you are aware that this is a major project that needs to be done right and should last for a long time. The roof is such an important part of any house, it’s easy to compare it with the skin of the human body: it covers everything and can be seen from different angles! So, get ready to show it off by selecting the best shingles to showcase your home.

What should you think about when it comes to a new roof?

With plenty of roofing materials and shingle colors to choose from, many other elements also come into play when building the perfect roof. To start off, you want to make sure to select materials and colors that complement not only the style and façade of your home but also the immediate natural surroundings. Sometimes you may also have to work with neighborhood guidelines. In any case, you always want this important part of your home to enhance its value and the curb appeal of the property.
What should you think about when it comes to a new roof

What’s the best way to get started?

Your trusted roofing contractor is the best starting point. They can work with you to find the best combinations of colors and materials to be a perfect fit for your home. They may also show you roof color charts and simulators or you may find a color roof app that works for you.

Your selection of colors and materials will become one of the most defining elements of your home. That’s why it’s so important to respect the style and architecture of the home, and not go simply with a color you like, but with a color that enhances the property.

How do you choose the best shingles for your roof?

Pattern, texture, and color come into play at this point. Think about how much contrast you want between the roof and the rest of the home. If your home has brick walls with so much texture, you may want roof shingles that are a little bit smoother. If you choose light-colored shingles, your home may look larger, but are you ready to have your house stand out so much from its neighbors?
How do you choose the best shingles for your roof
If painting the house is not an option at this point, you have to work with the colors you have now. Otherwise, the new paint and shingle colors need to work well together.

What color should you go for?

If your home is near the water, you could go with a blue or green shingle
Black and gray ones work best with winter colors and star-filled nights
Brown and red, work great with warm shades and the early morning sun
Gold and beige are the best for autumn and the unforgettable shades of changing foliage
Black or white shingles work well if you are brave and want to go modern

You don’t need to memorize our color poem to choose the shingle that works best for your home. Your taste, plus your initial consultation with your roofing professional is the ideal combination to come up with the best shingle color for your home. Giron Roofing in Portland is ready to start your project and will work with you every step of the way to give you the most long-lasting and attractive roof.