Decorating a house or home based on your aesthetic style and design can take different angles. Still, one of the most acceptable ways to deliver a fantastic look around your surroundings is to consider the best window treatment using popular window treatment notes. Apart from reducing extreme sun rays penetration, controlling excessive outdoor temperature, and preventing harmful noises, window treatments also help address needs like impressive-looking interiors and more. So, what is the most common window treatment you can’t do without? Let’s find out:

Among today’s most common window treatments, matchstick shades take the lead as the most popular for their excellent stylish texture and ability to add natural warmth to any window design effortlessly. Also, the treatment is easy to install, maintain and looks highly impressive when paired with drapes. As such, below are all the most common window treatments designs broken down into details:

Matchstick Window Treatment Shades

Also known as woven wood or mambo blinds, matchstick shades are the most popular despite having been in use for many years.  Their durability is one reason keeping them at the top of the list among the most common window treatment types. They are exceptionally sturdy because bamboo is a highly durable and robust raw material. They are also good at preventing extreme sun rays. Their privacy ability also makes them ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is paramount.  Additionally, when you want maximum sunlight penetration control, matchstick window shades are an excellent consideration for their bamboo ability of a light darkening backing famously used for keeping bedrooms dark.

Another reason these shades are the most common is their eco-friendliness. If you’re an environmentalist, these shades are a good option for you.  Additionally, they are highly affordable thus ideal if you have a tight budget for your window treatments installation project.


Roller Shades

If you’re interested in installing a stylish window treatment that is an alternative to blinds and easy to install and maintain, then roller shades are excellent considerations for you.  Whether you settle for vinyl roller shades or fabric, roller shades always come in single solid pieces and can be straightforwardly cleaned with an easy swipe of duster or cleaning rug.  Moreover, you will also enjoy roller shades that don’t gather dirt and dust as quickly as other window treatments.

You can add aesthetic values by mounting roller shades inside window frames and more. They are also good options for windows with extra-thick molding, especially for their ability to allow you to treat your windows without covering their architectural features.

Cellular Window Treatment Shades

These are designed to help add classy and aesthetic value to your windows and the entire environment of the house. They usually come prepared in a honeycomb style ideal to filter light easily and are excellent insulators.  Their appealing contemporary looks are the top reasons they are so popularly used, especially with their shape and texture that offers impressive freshness. They are ideal for any place, either urban, farmhouse, or historic townhome. Also, they are suitable as soft, sleek interiors for their warmth and comfort: they don’t have harsh lines.  They are also good choices for updating old homes without interfering with personal styles.

Still, their energy efficiency is another reason they are perfect options among the most common window treatments in the market.  They are made of stacked rows of honeycomb and look like natural honeycomb-shaped cells. The cells create air pockets inside and outside inner and outer fabric panels, which are good insulators. Once installed, they keep heated or cooled air inside while preventing cold or hot outdoor air from leaking through window panes into the rooms, making them an excellent option for saving energy costs.

The Top-Down and Bottom-Up Window Treatment Shades

These are uniquely designed window shades perfect for areas like bathrooms and bedrooms for privacy purposes, though to keep privacy in a room, it is also important to know how to soundproof a window from traffic noise. But primarily, shading can also be raised from the bottom or be lowered from the top. Also, since they can be installed in rooms with many windows, they add an interesting design element for style and aesthetic value.

With their ability to be lowered and raised, you can easily have a chance to arrange their orientation on your windows, creating unique patterns based on your style. They also come in many color choices and are environmentally friendly.


As you know, bathrooms and bedrooms are areas where temperature controls are paramount considerations. You want to enjoy the sunshine and have privacy, and while they are many options, window treatments can get you off the ground. They also reduce energy bills and can help you transform your space into your aesthetic style.