Cabinet refacing may cause an upgrade of the look of a kitchen, but you may still have concerns about the quality of the materials used in the process. Fresh Faced Cabinets will help you get the right cabinet refacing Chesterfield done.

The Materials Used In Cabinet Refacing

There are three materials commonly used in cabinet refacing-

1. Wood – Wood is versatile in all

Construction and remodeling projects. The wood veneers used are durable and strong when adhered to existing cabinets. There are a few drawbacks that customers must be aware of if they choose wood veneers for the cabinet refacing.

  • Inconsistent Staining – Stains can show some degree of variation, which may result in colors that are not 100% uniform across the board.
  • Five-piece Wood Doors – Wood cabinet doors and drawers are not actually refaced but ordered new direct from the factory for all remodeling work. Many door designs need a five-piece composite construction to get the detailing that makes the style. The separate pieces of wood increase the chance of inconsistent staining and may be at risk for separating and warping in the warm humid environment.

2. 3D laminate – it is a material that consists of one piece MDF and a vinyl film that adhere to it through the combination of pressure and heat. The use of the term 3D when describing the product refers to the vinyl film-forming to the contours of the front and sides of refaced cabinets and for its ability to mimic the appearance and the feel of real wood. When a laminate is used, the drawers and doors come from the factory matching perfectly.

3. Thermofoil – this is similar to 3D laminate but it is of higher quality and has a few important benefits to consider when shopping for laminate cabinet refacing services.

  • Fully Wrapped – Thermofoil gives a seamless look to kitchens, so it is impossible to detect refacing work. The cabinets, drawers, and doors look completely natural.
  • Durable – Because it is seamless across the entire surface, thermofoil holds up well over time. It is non-porous and impervious to liquid and moisture, easy to clean, and resistant to the damaging effects of humidity. It may be helpful to homeowners who know how damaging the moist environment can be.
  • Consistent Color – Thermofoil gives the most consistent and accurate color due to the properties of the vinyl used in the manufacturing process for making it ideal for homeowners who want exact colors and uniformity all over their kitchens.
  • More Options And Customizations – Thermofoil uses very thin vinyl film, which is easily bonded to many intricate shapes and designs. You can get customization with your cabinet, drawers, and doors including rooted edges and raised panels.


Making the decision to get your kitchen refeaced is not always easy. It is the goal of the refacing companies to make the process as straightforward as possible, also helping you to make the right decisions when choosing the materials and styles you want in the kitchen. Get in touch with the design team of the company to find out how cabinet refacing can transform your kitchen. You can also request a design and quote consultation from there.