Why should I change my Guttering?

Contrary to common belief, guttering systems installed in homes are actually pretty sturdy. Gutters manufactured from galvanized aluminum or steel last around two decades, while copper gutters manage to hold their own for more than five decades!

Even with the long lifespan of these gutters, you may need replacements. There are a number of external factors that can damage your guttering, most common of which are ladder accidents and fallen branches. The lifespan of a gutter is also cut short by harsh weather and frequent thunderstorms, which are quite common in England.

Other reasons to look for gutter replacements include not knowing when the gutters on a property were installed. After all, nobody wants to rely on a dysfunctional guttering system. It’s still better to ask the previous owners of your house when the gutters were installed, because you also don’t want to rip down a well-maintained, perfectly fine set of guttering.

10 Warning Signs that your Guttering needs Attention:

Warning Signs that your Guttering needs Attention
If you’re having trouble figuring out whether you need to replace the gutter in your home, don’t get worried! We’ve made a list of 10 signs that appear when your guttering needs urgent repairing.


When your guttering is getting old, you may notice rusting along with many holes and cracks. Cracks can usually be fixed with sealants, patches or installation of some flashing. But if cracking is observed in eight or more sections of your guttering, replacing the gutters with fresh piece would be a great idea.

Fallen Screws:

If you’re finding screws or nails that fasten the guttering to the fascias on the ground nearby, it might be time to get a gutter change. Replacing the screws isn’t a difficult task, but their repeated loosening and falling indicates wear and tear in guttering.

Broken Fasteners:

Fasteners are metallic pieces that hold the gutter close to the roof and help in levelling it. Fasteners can be repaired in no time, but if they’re often found broken, it’s a sign that the gutter needs replacement.

Deteriorating Paint:

When the gutters start pulling away from the roofing, water seeps down the rear siding, causing the exterior paint to peel. If the paint is peeling across the guttering, it indicates that the guttering is old and should probably be replaced.

Channel Separation:

For proper functioning of guttering systems, it’s really important that they are fastened in a continuous, typically undivided channel. If the gutters start separating from each other frequently, the time for a new guttering installation has come.


When your gutter is improperly-pitched or pitch is not well-maintained, it’s quite likely that the water will form puddles in certain parts and spill over. Due to this, gutters tend to sag. If you’re unable to solve this issue, consider replacing the gutters altogether.

Breaking Away from Roof:

This is the most prominent sign that your guttering needs to change. Gutters that tend to pull away from the roof need frequent hammering in the fasteners. If the spaces continue to show up between the roofline and gutters, your fascia may be rotting. .

Basement Flooding:

You never want to keep your storage items in the basement if your guttering is unreliable! Water pouring near the foundation could leak and enter your basement, where it can do expensive damage.

Unappealing Landscaping:

Eroded landscaping is simply the worst. You have to invest money and time to repair water leakage from malfunctioning gutters. In such cases, the best option is to look for gutter replacement.


If you observe excess spilling over the gutters after a rainstorm, or find pooling water and dirt channels, and you’ve tried correcting the problem yourself, consider a gutter change if the water doesn’t pass properly.

A Tip!

If you’re going for gutter replacements, why not go for a gutter protection system as well? The extra protection ensures that the gutters last longer than average. You can also install automatic gutter cleaning systems, meaning you’ll never have to worry about clogging, pooling etc.

Guttering Specialists in Essex:

Guttering Specialists in Essex
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