In 2019, it is no longer acceptable to place a photograph of a listing in a paper, storefront, or website. Home buyers are frequently wanting to see more than simple interior and exterior still shots of the homes they contemplate viewing up close in person. You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s eye as they surf the net for houses, and if you don’t, they will flick over to the next site without a backward glance or bookmark.

Here are The Best Ways To Capture The Potential Home Buyer’s Eye in Real Estate in 2019. There are some Santa Barbara property management companies that are already following these trends.

Aerial Footage of the Property

Aerial Footage of the Property
Both commercial and residential buyers want to see what their future property investment looks like from the viewpoint of aerial footage. It is important for commercial buyers so that they can see the vantage points of the location regarding the main roads that lead towards it and away from it.

Many a potentially stellar business has struggled to get off the ground when they are placed on the side of the freeway that faces commuter traffic on the way to work. This is because instead of being on the side of the road that handles commuter traffic coming home from work, they are inaccessible. No one shops for stuff as they are on the way to the office.

Home buyers are increasingly looking for a property that offers something more than just bricks and mortar. This is very true in the case where the home is outside of the urban landscape or in rural areas. An aerial view of the square footage of the house, the garden landscape, and swimming pool are more easily realized with a visual cue from above the property. A bird’s eye view can describe a home’s dimension’s far better than the numerical value.

Aerial footage is a way for home buyers to see a property laid out for their viewing pleasure before they commit to selecting a few to see in person—but that is only the exterior. What about the interior?

Interior Virtual Tours

Interior Virtual Tours
Hiring a professional photographer to capture the architectural lines of the property before it is listed is a critical part of the presentation process. It is not trite to say that a picture says a thousand words, and when you have beautiful photos of the house interior and exterior, half the hard work is done for you.

Just ask professional real estate photographer Mason Seifert of Wisconsin about how a home becomes instantly more desirable when the right filters, angles, and editing are applied to a listing’s pictures. A wide aperture lens is the only kind of equipment that can truly capture a spacious, open floor plan. If a seller sees a realtor taking photos with their smart device, it is not perceived as professional or dedicated.

Obtaining the services of a detail-oriented professional videographer and photographer are how commercial and residential properties are going to be sold in 2019. It makes the process so much easier for both buyer and seller.