Bunk Beds are often considered as space saving beds which is true, but they also have other features. The families with tiny homes buy bunk beds to accommodate multiple sleepers in limited space. However, some families with a luxurious home choose the best bunk beds to make their bedroom look more beautiful. So, saving space is not the only purpose of buying a bunk bed for kids or adults.

The bunk bed brands make a variety of high quality bunk beds for adults, children and teenagers. This variety includes twin over twin bunk beds, full over full bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds, queen size bunk beds and king size bunk beds. The twin bunk bed is the smallest and the king bunk bed is the largest one, you can select a bunk bed according to your need and space available in your house.

Why Bunk Beds Are Worth Buying for Every Family

When you have babies and toddlers under 3 years, they are used to sleep with you (parents). As your toddler turns into a child, you need to give him/her a separate bed. Not every family has a problem like shortage of space, so you can get a traditional bed that is sturdy and safe. However, we still recommend a bunk bed over a traditional bed because it provides many benefits that can make your children happy in their routine life.

  1. Accommodate Multiple Sleepers
  2. Create Bonding Among Siblings
  3. Teach Sharing A Room
  4. Add Fun with A Slide
  5. Can Turn into A Play Tent
  6. Jungle Gym or Fort Blanket Fort
  7. Encourage Physical Activities
  8. Provide Storage Space

Now, we will discuss the above mentioned benefits in detail:

#1. Accommodate Multiple Sleepers

A traditional bed can accommodate one or two children at a time, but the bunk beds have more people capacity. A twin over twin bunk bed can accommodate two kids, while a twin over full bunk bed with trundle or a full over full bunk bed can fit up to four people at once. If you want a bed for five sleepers then we recommend you to buy a full over full bunk bed with trundle with higher weight capacity.

#2. Create Bonding Among Siblings

Buying a bunk bed is not only a need for multiple sleepers but also develop bonding among your children. You should find the best bunk beds with ladder or stairs that allow safe and comfortable sleeping to your family. When your children are sleeping on the bunk bed, they talk to each other and build a strong bond that will make them best friends in future.

#3. Teach Sharing A Room

Most of us love sharing our knowledge, earnings, space and other things. However, some people don’t like sharing at all, because they could not learn sharing in their childhood. Therefore you should teach your children to share a room, toys, food and other things with their siblings and friends. The bunk bed teaches your kids to share a room with each other still stay playful and happy.

#4. Add Fun with A Slide

The bunk beds are equipped with various things such as storage shelves, drawers, a trundle bed, a slide and other things. If you want to add some playing fun to your children’s life then you should invest in one of the best bunk beds with slide or you can buy a slide separately and add the same to your bunk bed. Your children can play on the bunk bed slide during free time and also use it for landing to the floor every morning.

#5. Can Turn into A Play Tent

Some bunk beds come with cotton curtains, you can use them to turn your bunk bed into a play tent. Toddlers and young kids love playing in a tent like space where mesh windows provide air circulation still kids get their privacy.

#6. Jungle Gym or Blanket Fort

You can create a jungle gym or a blanket fort from your bunk bed as the children like doing new activities everyday. The blankets can easily attach to upper bunk and cover entire bunk bed to transform it into a fort, then your kids can play safely and enjoy.

#7. Encourage Physical Activities

Like every parent, you never want your children to be lazy. Therefore it is important to add some physical activities to your children’s life from their early age. A bunk bed can do that, it includes a ladder or stairs which your children have to climb up everyday. The bunk beds with slide encourage kids to climb up the ladder multiple times for playing on the slide.

#8. Provide Storage Space

The bunk beds with stairs often have under-step drawers and side shelves. You can use them as storage space for necessary stuff. You can also buy a bunk bed with drawers to get hidden storage space for the things you don’t want to keep visible for guests.

Wrapping Up:

With help of a sturdy bunk bed at home, you can provide a safe, comfortable and peaceful sleeping to your children. Nowadays, many adults also prefer to sleep in bunk beds as they offer better feel. We hope that you have understood all benefits of bunk beds including space saving and now you are ready to buy the best bunk bed for your family.