We all need air to survive but in some cases the air we breathe indoors may not be as good for you as you would expect. Everyone knows how much dust can build up on surfaces in short periods of time but it’s also found in that air and can irritate your body if it’s constantly exposed to it. Airborne bacteria and allergens are another set of contaminants that can harm air quality and potentially affect your health. Finally, harmful gasses can also build up within enclosed spaces and can lead to severe health problems if left unchecked.

This article will show you why indoor air quality is so important by going over three types of contaminants that can negatively affect one’s health.

Effects of Dust

If the air in your house or workplace is stagnant there’s a good chance there will be a fair amount of dust in the air which can pose some unwanted health concerns. Many people find NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier very helpful in order to keep their home environment clean. Dust consists primarily of very small bits of dirt and organic matter like dead skin which naturally build up over time. Inhaling dust on an ongoing basis is detrimental to your health as your lungs are taking in foreign particles that it’s not meant to breathe in. Being in a room with a high concentration of airborne dust can also cause irritation to your skin, eyes and throat. Being exposed to dusty air for long periods of time has also been shown to lead to health disorders such as chronic bronchitis as well as many other cardiovascular disorders. Luckily there are many air filter products out on the market that literally suck dust out of the air in enclosed spaces to provide you with clean air.

Effects of Bacteria and Allergens

Bacteria and allergens are found literally all around us so it’s not surprising that they can also be found within the air we breathe. According to the experts of https://filterbuy.com/resources/air-filters-vs-air-purifiers/, low concentrations of these contaminants aren’t much to worry about but in high concentrations they can cause a whole plethora of health issues. Black mold is one of the most notorious of allergens that can irritate parts of the body, cause respiratory illnesses and body fatigue. If a building is moist, bacteria and molds will thrive in that environment and will make their way into the air so if this is the case you should immediately get a dehumidifier as well as a high quality air filter to be safe.
Effect of Gasses

Air quality can also be compromised by gasses that are produced or seep into buildings. Many people are aware that being exposed to high concentrations of carbon monoxide can be fatal due asphyxiation but few know that even low concentrations of the compound can have adverse health effects. If there is a minor carbon monoxide leak with a building people within it may start noticing negative side effects such as dizziness, tiredness and even headaches. Nitrogen dioxide is also another harmful gas that if inhaled regularly can lead to respiratory problems. This chemical when inhaled can inflame the lining of your lungs which can compromise your lung’s ability to fight off infections like colds or flues.

Other effects of inhaling nitrogen dioxide include coughing, wheezing and even bronchitis.

Finally, one of the most harmful gasses that can be found within enclosed areas is radon which can seep in through cracks in a building’s foundation. This chemical is actually radioactive and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer around the world. So if an inspector indicated there are any of the previously mentioned gasses present in a building you should without get a proper filtration system installed at once.

When people think of poor air quality many people simply think of highly polluted areas covered in smog but there are also many seemingly invisible contaminants found in buildings that can negatively affect one’s health. Dust builds up naturally indoors and can become airborne so it’s important to get an air filtration system to collect it so you won’t be breathing it into your lungs. Bacteria and allergens can also be found in air throughout a building and can lead to a number of illnesses and adverse health effects so it’s important to get an air filter with a membrane fine enough to trap these pesky contaminants.

Finally, certain gasses can build up in your home if they aren’t kept in check and cause a variety of health concerns ranging from fatigued all the way to lung cancer so if these glasses are found to be in your building you should take immediate precautions to keep them in check. The air we breathe gives us life but it can also cause a variety of health issues if it’s not clean so if you notice any of the symptoms of poor air quality, invest in a quality air filter so you can breathe easy knowing that you’re inhaling clean air.