Chandeliers are excellent light fixtures due to the amazing designs available in the market. These light fixtures create a sense of luxury and richness to the home, leaving a unique sense of comfort due to their ambient lighting.

Getting the right chandelier in India for your home will ensure you plan and visualize the different concepts you want to achieve, and choose a chandelier that will accentuate different rooms depending on the room colour, shape, and décor.

Purchasing light fixtures is dependent on the Budget, Home interior, Maintenance, Size and design .Online purchase of chandeliers varies depending on location. India, for instance, has numerous options crafted by a plethora of artisans who specialize in ensuring sturdy fixtures. These come in different shapes and sizes, differing on the material used whether crystals, pendants, or bulbs.

Hanging Lamps

These are specifically designed to suspend in a room. The most common hanging lamps are pendants that vary in shapes and sizes. These are mostly for ambient and task lighting, and often become the centrepieces for most rooms as they hang low from the ceiling. Due to their noticeable nature, it is best to work with the room décor when choosing hanging lamps so that a well-rounded look may be achieved.

Pendants are types of hanging lamps that vary according to themes that are best in select rooms around the house. There are several types of pendants available in the online market such as bowl pendants, inverted pendants, or track lighting.

Hanging lamps categorized by material consist of glass, fabric, metal, or crystals. Glass fixtures diffuse well with light and are great for minimalist themes, either colour or plain, depending on individual preference. Crystal chandeliers are grandiose due to their shimmering nature.

The inverted bowl pendants create an illusion of a bigger room as some of the light is directed towards the ceiling. The bowl pendants are the most common trends in the market as they resemble a bowl-like shape.

Bathroom lights

Lighting in bathrooms is mostly vanity lighting which beams on the face and body by providing a focused and bright light.

With the current trends in bathroom designs, a glass fixture compliments bathroom tiles and walls well. Minimalistic light fittings are a trend in the bathroom with designs ranging from glass fixtures that complement glass walls and showers.

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights range from balcony lights to landscape lights. Balcony lights can be hanging pendants or smaller chandeliers which accentuate the entryway and balcony.

For landscape lighting, a variety of lighting options are available which light up paths and gardens, increasing the garden aesthetic.

This type of lighting comes in solar lights, LED lights, or low voltage lighting.

Solar lights are more economical as they preserve energy from natural lighting during the day. LED lights, although a bit expensive when replacing, offer optimum brightness to the landscape. Low voltage lighting uses less energy and can be powered on and off from within the house.

Outdoor lights can also include hanging lights, string lights, post lights, and lanterns.

Wall lights

Wall lights are mounted on the walls as an alternative to ceiling lights, for décor purposes or as additional lighting options. These are installed as vanity lights in bathrooms or dressers, under cabinet lighting, or flush mount wall lights, among a few.

Wall lights create an atmospheric effect to a room by preventing glare from ceiling lights and are also great mood enhancers. Top trends in 2020 highlight wall swing lights as great replacements to the traditional desk lamps as they offer more structure and detail. Wall lights are also versatile and can be mixed against the centre chandelier in a room.

Additional pointers to consider when it comes to chandeliers are:

The more the branches in a chandelier, the more the lighting. Bigger rooms are best with more branched chandeliers, while smaller rooms with less branched ones.

  • You can opt for either upward or downward designs.
  • Chandeliers vary from around $100 to $600 depending on what you want.
  • When replacing old chandeliers, the wiring system is often the same therefore, saving in installation costs.
  • Dimmer switches are great additives to light fixtures as they allow for adjustment of brightness levels in the room. Dimmer switches can be found in various online shops ranging from $50 to $150. However, types of dimmers may only work with specific lights, therefore, identifying whether the light fixture is compatible with a dimmer is important.
  • Consider the type of light bulbs when purchasing chandeliers, as they vary depending on the effect you might want to achieve. The types of bulbs used are also classified depending on wattage, energy consumption, and durability.
  • Browse online catalogs extensively to ensure you have exhausted all avenues and chosen the right fit for your home.