The p shaped shower bath is a type of bathtub that can be great due to its various benefits. With the growing popularity of shower over Bath, many people are confused about choosing between bathtub or shower. Most people are struggling with the lack of space and cannot fit both of the amenities. Both of these are great but offer different benefits. That’s makes even more trouble. For example, a shower is quick, takes less time, it is an easier way to get a refresh in the morning before going to work. 

On the other hand, a bath is for relaxing and takes more time. You will also need to fill the bathtub and sit in it for as much as you want. It can be a great option if you like relaxing after a hard day out. So, both are great for different reasons, but what will you do you have limited space and have to choose the one. It’s the same problem for most people. However, manufacturers have come up with an innovation: a p shower bath. 

In this article, we are going to discuss why these shower baths can be great for your bathroom.

What is the P Shaped Shower Bath?

As the name suggests, a P Shaped Shower Bath is a type of bathtub with a shape similar to alphabet p. But what’s the reason for making them in such shapes has many reasons. It is a shower bath. Given our earlier discussion in the previous section, it was a way to help people who are confused about choosing between a bath and a shower. It combines both functionalities into a single unit. That makes it a preferred choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend extra money keeping such amenities. In addition to that also help you save space. 

Key Features of P shaped Bath.

There are the following key features of p shaped Baths as follows. 

Save Space. The first feature of p shower bath is that these can help you save bathroom space. Combining the shower and bath amenities into a single unit is possible. You don’t need separate or extra space for each of these. While small bathrooms often struggle with the availability of space. It can be an excellent option for such situations. 

Save Money. Another good reason to install is the lower costs both in terms of the unit as well as installation. Since both utilities of Bath and shower are in one, the money that you may have to spend on the shower and bathtub separately. 

Where P shaped Bath a Better Option?

The p shower bath can be a suitable choice under the following conditions. 

For Small Bathroom. As we discussed earlier, such bathtubs can be a great choice for small bathrooms. If you have much space and feel that enjoying both amenities is difficult, you must choose this option. As instead of more space, you can enjoy both with just the space of a single bathtub. 

For Family Bathrooms. Shower Baths can also be a great addition to your family bathroom. It is because with a family you often need a spacious bath. Someone may be fond of showering who wants to keep showering. While with family, you may also have pets and children who want to bathe. A spacious bathtub with one edge bigger can be an excellent choice for them. You can easily bathe your children or pets in it. 

For Stylish Look. Another advantage of these shower bathtubs is that they look stylish and contemporary. You have an option to install a shower screen with it that helps avoid water splashes and enhance the overall looks of the Bath. 

Final Thoughts

p shaped shower bath is to resolve the problem of less space. These are a great addition to both family and small bathrooms. Various advantages with them make them a great choice in terms of practicality and aesthetics. You can visit the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK website to explore the latest fittings and fixtures options available for you.