Can you honestly say your conservatory lived up to the expectations? As you look back to the moment you were first showed interest, there were so many ideas floating around for ways in which you could use this extra space. Your conservatory is a lovely addition to your home but when we see a drastic change in temperature the conservatory has to be locked off and this living space becomes neglected.

While the conservatory may not have turned out exactly as planned there are ways in which we can upgrade this space to make it more usable. A solid conservatory roof like those seen at is a tried and tested solution to the most common issues conservatory owners face. In this blog we will be discussing the key benefits of this solution, helping you to understand if this is a good investment for you.

Conservatories are popular additions to homes all over the UK, providing shade in the summer and insulation in the winter. Conservatories can be a great investment, but if you’re thinking of converting your roof to a conservatory, there are some things you need to consider first.

Reduced Sun Glare On Bright Days

The conservatory is a space which comes into its own first thing in the morning. While the temperature is relatively cool and the sun is still low, you can make the most out of this wonderful living space. Problems tend to occur when the sun rises to the highest point in the sky. When this happens, the conservatory is filled with glare making it uncomfortable to spend time in.

Did you know that one of the key benefits of solid conservatory roof is glare residence? Imagine being able to spend time within your conservatory without having to awkward adjust your eyes to reduce glare. This small investment today will help transform your conservatory into a comfortable living space that you and your family can enjoy any point in the day.

Complete Control Over Temperature

When the temperature drops and we get our first frost, you can feel it. Especially if you like to spend time within your conservatory. Due to the lack of insulation found in the traditional conservatory roof, the external temperature has a huge impact on how cold your living space in. This means you have crank the radiators up to full blast for long periods before you can even venture into the conservatory.

A solid conservatory roof will offer you the temperature control you deserve in this living space. Noticeable in both summer and winter, this insulation will help keep the outside temperature out your living space ensuring that you can enjoy it all year round. Before making the upgrade make sure you find out how much insulation your solid roof system offers. A little tip from us, the more the better!

Saving Money On Your Energy Bills

As the traditional polycarbonate conservatory roof offer next to no insulation this will lead to your energy bills skyrocket during these colder months of the year. Without proper insulation, all the warm air that your radiators are generating will be going straight through the roof and being lost to the cold weather outside. Not only is this bad for your bank account but you also need to consider the environmental impact.

Most of the solid conservatory roof solutions available on the market are equipt with multiple layers of quality insulation. This helps to keep the warm air in, therefore, reducing the amount you end up spending on the energy bills. Saving money on your energy bills frees you up to spend more on the things that matter to you.

Improving The Appearance of Your Home

Has your conservatory roof in Birmingham become overrun with moss and other green growth? Well then you will already know the effects this has on the appearance of your home. An overgrown conservatory roof reflects very badly on the rest of the home, furthermore, its creates a tired and poorly looked after the appearance that all your guests pick up on.

A solid conservatory roof will help to ensure your home and garden looks stunning for many years to come. By pairing the new roof tyles with a colour that matches the rest of your home, the conservatory will be transformed into a beautiful extension. This small investment today will have a huge impact on the aesthetics of your home for many years to come.