Pigeons are often attracted to nest between solar panels and the roof of the home because of the warmth and shelter it provides.

However pigeons nesting on your roof can cause hazards to health and become a nuisance to the occupants because of their noise and movement.

The main problem occurs when pigeon poop is left to sit on household roofs which can become unsightly and contain diseases. Bird poop is actually toxic to humans and contains over 60 animal to human diseases such as toxoplasmosis, salmonella and fungus infections in addition to many other diseases.

If you are wondering “how do I keep pigeons off my roof?”, you are not the only one. Thousands of home-owners with solar panels are having the same issue and it can be really bothersome. Birds, besides being noisy and pesky, drop a large amount of poop which is both disgusting-looking and potentially hazardous for human health as it carries germs, bacteria, and viruses that may cause several diseases and infections. Needless to say, pigeons nesting and pooping under your solar panel can damage their surface and electrical wires over time and make them less efficient.

If you want to avoid all these problems, you’ll have to find ways to stop pigeons from nesting under solar panels. Here are the top ways to stop a bird from building a nest under your solar panel.

How to stop pigeons nesting under solar panels

No.1: Install a bird netting. Bird meshes/nettings are among the most efficient ways to deter birds from nesting under your solar panels. They are specially aimed at shielding the surface beneath your solar panels from birds while still allowing air to come through.

No.2: Set up roof spikes. These may not be the most eye-pleasing option out there, but they work impressively well. They look scary to birds and make the surface they are installed hard to nest and perch on. While they are not a total solution on their own, you can use them with roof sheathing for best results.

No.3: Get some fake predators. Fake predators made of plastic e.g. kites in the shape of a hawk or owl may seem outdated but they still work at scaring pigeons away. Especially if they can move around in different directions. They are also more advanced decoys e.g. fake owl devices that swivel their head and eyes according to the wind’s direction.
Of course, it would be wise to pair these up with more drastic measures e.g. bird nettings for a complete solution to the problem.

No.4: Keep your garden and outer space clean. Birds like to nibble at dirty surfaces filled with human and pet food remains. You should, therefore, clean the space out and seal your trash bags well so they have nothing to eat and have no option than to go elsewhere. This measure is especially important if you have a flat rooftop as birds love to eat and perch on flat surfaces.

No.5: Hire a professional pigeon proofing company. Pigeon proofing specialist companies are different from pest control forms as they tend to do the service as part of their roof cleaning and maintenance services so your likely to have a roofer turn-up then and exterminator. Their work is also more humane as they simply put solar panel protection spikes to deter pigeons rather than haring them.

How do you clean under solar panels??

We know that cleaning solar panels is a hard and disgusting job that you can’t easily do on your own. We are, therefore, able to offer you high-grade professional solar panel cleaning services that get rid of all accumulated poop and dirt under your solar panels. We do all the hard cleaning work so you don’t have to.

For best results and to prolong the life and efficiency of your solar panels, we suggest frequent checks and maintenance. When everything is working well, after all, birds will find it harder to build their nests and settle inside.