Though two-thirds of the earth’s surface and 70 percent of the human body made of water, only a few percentages of water are healthy enough to drink. Clean water is necessary for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Many people still drink chlorine-treated water that contains many harmful bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants that give it an odor and taste. The safest and easy solution against unhealthy tap and bottled water is to install a home water filtration system to help purify your water.

If you’re still pondering on why you should use a water filter in your home, keep on reading to find out.

To get safer drinking water

Filtering the water you drink means that you’re drinking healthy water, unlike unfiltered water that contains contaminants which endanger your body health. Some people still drink bottled water and tap water because they think that since it comes from a water treatment facility, it’s clean and safe. The fact is, unfiltered water contains impurities such as lead and therefore doesn’t qualify as healthy water.


Filtering water using a carbon water filter, for example, is an ideal way to get rid of chemicals such as the fluoride, chorine, mercury, lead, arsenic etc., that water treatment plants typically add to water as treatment. Scientifically, water contains iron, other minerals and up to 2,100 known toxins and removing most of them is specifically what your advanced home water filtration system does. The ideal way to drink safe water every time is to fill your filtered water in bottles and take it out on your day trip, sports or a picnic.

To prevent gastrointestinal infections

Unclean water actually causes diseases. Untreated water and especially that which is not filtered can be a reservoir for many different types of parasitic and microscopic organisms. The best way to prevent your stomach from parasite-related intestinal and digestive problems is by using filtration to purify any water you drink.

To be eco-friendly

Apart from rendering your drinking water safer, home water filtration system helps to reduce the billions of plastic water bottles dumped in our landfills. Just last year, around 50 billion plastic bottles got sold in the United States but with only 38% being recycled. Filtering your water makes you eco-friendly as you won’t have any plastic bottles to pollute land fields with.

To Reduce aggravation of skin-related conditions

When water is not filtered, it can contain heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride, which can take advantage of skin conditions and worsen them. This can easily happen to children, especially those with psoriasis and eczema. So, filter your water to keep your children healthy.

To make the taste and smell of drinking water better

When you filter water, the taste and smell immediately get improved. This is because the process removes the chemicals, by-products and impurities found in the water. That makes your drinking water more refreshing and with enhanced flavor. Note that filtered water only removes contaminants and not the good minerals that make water healthy and good.


To save money

If the water you drink is bottled water, just simple arithmetic will help you understand the big savings investing in a home water filtration system offer you. Spending around $5 to buy a 24 pack of water bottles for your family many times a year is very costly. If you compare that to the costs of Carbon water filter installation in your home for only between $300 and $500, you’ll notice how money-saving filtering water is to your budget. Annually, an average of $50-80 is all a new few filter costs.

To curtail plumbing repair bills

When unfiltered water flows in your plumbing system, its heavy metal, chemical and mineral content can damage the system. Once that happens, you would have to bring in a plumber each time the damage is beyond DIY and pay repair bills and plumbing materials. To cut down on such avoidable plumbing repairs, go for a home water filtration system which is safe for your plumbing system as well as your health and other home appliances that use water. They include your dishwasher, washing machine, water dispenser and many others.

This list of reasons you need a water filter in your home is not even exhaustive. The process and costs of installing a water filtration system in your home are so simple and budget-friendly that you can get yours even today. Besides, water filtration products are long-lasting, handy, changeable and low in maintenance.