Breakfast is sometimes the most rushed-through meal of the day but it is also super important, with one study showing that  people who eat breakfast frequently were less stressed and have fewer injuries on the job. As stated by renowned international architect Jan Gehl, the way we use spaces both in and out of the home are directly dependent on design. In the case of a breakfast room, adding elements that invite home dwellers to spend more, better quality time in their breakfast nook, is key if this meal is to gain in importance. If a  home renovation is underway, considering the following tips to and design a breakfast area fit for champions.

Instilling a Sense of Peace

Let peace and light abound, so family members instantly crave a few quiet minutes in their favorite spot while they sip on a hot cup of tea or coffee and read the morning news. Rounded bay windows looking out at the garden, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows will flood the room with natural light and help you feel more connected to your outdoor space. To add a touch of zen and  lower your family’s stress levels, bring in a bit of green. Pots bearing indoor plants and vines hanging at various lengths are great for a jungle-type room, while one single large elephant ear plant in an oversized pot will be great for those with minimalist tastes. If you are ready for major renovation work, lift the ceiling so your breakfast corner is airy, well ventilated, and expansive.


Going Gourmet

Americans are  drinking more coffee than ever, as reported in a study commissioned by the National Coffee Association. This research showed that around 64% of Americans drink a cup of coffee daily; the findings also showed that  most people enjoy making coffee at home. To turn your breakfast corner into a sophisticated home coffee corner, consider a built-in storage space where you can  keep equipment for brewing serious coffee.

Percolators, Italian presses, or Keurigs for single brews are all the rage, and serious machines make a wide range of beverages — including iced coffee and rich espresso. You might also try hand brewing your coffee on lazy weekend sand sticking to coffee pods on weekdays to save time. Add a couple of coffee-inspired décor pieces to your space  – including jovial signs that spell ‘COFFEE’, cute mugs you can hang on wooden shelves, and even a blackboard where you can write down the specialities of the day.


Designer Features

Designer items like an ultra-glam chandelier, sculpture-inspired lamp, or pendant lights will add a bit of pizzazz to a glam breakfast room. If you have a bay window, pick up on the colors in your designer lighting piece, adding complementary and contrasting cushions and decorative sculptures to the seating area beneath the window. Instead of placing a regular set of chairs around your table, add interesting seating pieces like a two-piece chesterfield sofa, a vintage chair, or a stool in über trendy materials like metal and velvet.

Breakfast can be one of the most meaningful parts of the home for families, especially those with irregular working hours. To make your breakfast area more appealing, bring in the light and ensure that colors appeal. A touch of glamorous design won’t make your space colder; quite the contrary, it will be another good reason for family members to bask in beauty and enjoy just a few moments of peaceful company before heading out into the world.