There are many ways to upgrade the function of the garage space in the property. More than the designated home of vehicles, garages are some of the most flexible spaces inside the residence. You don’t need to stick with just storing your ride in the area.

If you’re on the lookout for the next garage remodel project, why not consider renovating the garage? Consider contacting your local garage door company in Lakewood Colorado, as there are many ways that the garage uplifts and provides functional value to your home. In the end, the garage won’t look like a garage but rather an extension of your home space.

1. Storage area

One of the most common garage conversions is turning the garage into a storage area. Many properties may not have attic options to help keep certain things in place. If you have the chance to remake the garage, why not turn it into storage space? Add some shelves, cabinets, and wall partitions to productive the entire area. When it’s done, put your things inside the new storage area.

2. Laundry area

All families wear clothes every day. If you want to have a designated space for drying clothes and containing large laundry machines and equipment, the garage is the perfect space. Plan out well for the wall outlets and add hanging lines and rods inside the garage. On the weekend, you can do your laundry inside the garage without worrying about heavy rains or strong winds taking away your newly washed clothes.

3. Kitchen extension

Taking out primary walls to extend residential space. Sometimes, having a bigger kitchen is essential than having a garage. When this is the case for you, get a team of contractors to take down the separating wall between the garage and the existing kitchen. Remodel the garage into an extension of your food preparation area.

4. Dining room extension

If you don’t want to extend the kitchen, the dining area must be another option. For people with bigger families, a dining room extension makes sense. However, just like the kitchen extension, a dining room extension needs contractors and teams to build the space. Take down the separating wall inside the garage to widen the residential interior layout of the property. Add a more oversized table and chairs to ensure that the dining room fills in for more people.

5. Home gym

Fitness is key to a healthier life. However, having a dedicated workout space changes the game. Plan a garage conversion and turn the garage into a home gym. Build up your equipment collection gradually until you no longer need to leave the house for effective workouts, such as a roller wheel, pull-up band set, and ideal dumbbell weights set. Living right next to your gym can save you a lot of time and costs in the long run.

6. Workspace

Work-from-home setups are very popular right now. Converting the garage into a workspace is one of the most chosen projects for homeowners. It doesn’t take a lot to turn the garage into a workspace. A big table, long bench, and coffee corner can be your stepping stone to a productive work area. Don’t forget to add excellent speakers to blast soothing music for the classic café vibe.

7. Open garage

If you want to refresh the garage space, garage conversion ideas don’t stop with the typical household areas. You need a more free space where the house’s layout invites for a more open atmosphere. All you need to do is turn the garage into an open garage by retaining only one set of parallel walls. Some garage door repair might be necessary in order to do so. If you want to make the backyard accessible through the front area, the open garage can serve as a driveway towards the back for more parking.

8. Study room

Kids can concentrate more when there is a designated space for learning. As such, turning the garage into a study room is one of the best investments for families with younger children. Keeping a set environment for learning can help children get accustomed to a conducive space. Add some tables, chairs, and a giant chalkboard to invite younger kids to engage and learn daily.

9. Home pantry

Food storage is just as crucial as food preparations. Many homes have a specific pantry space to store all food and ensure that the stocks last a long shelf. Moreover, having a dedicated food storage space helps keep pests and insects from going through your food stocks slowly. Turn the garage into a pantry and add some cabinets, shelves, and proper refrigerator units to help preserve food.

10. Indoor pool

One of the most ambitious garage remodel projects is building an indoor pool inside the garage. However long it takes to demolish, work, and construct the pool, the garage is one of the viable options for an indoor pool. It’s also necessary to ensure that all the essential pool systems like drainage and water pipes are present and impeccable. Contact professional businesses to help you turn the garage into the following main attraction inside your property