A key part of excellent home security is properly protecting your garage. It will not only keep your valuables protected from theft, but it will also keep unauthorized people out of your house. For homeowners, garage doors may be the most overlooked aspect when it comes to home security. These garage doors keep your automobile safe during bad weather. They improve the safety of your car. They also enhance the value of your home.   

A new garage door is definitely one of the ultimate convenience options if you want to improve security or exterior appearance. But before getting a new garage door opener, you should think about a variety of garage door opener functions. With so many different kinds of garage door openers, it is crucial to know the different types of openers available today in the market and the features that you must consider before buying one for your home.

There are several kinds of garage door openers available in the market now, from chain-driven ones to belt-driven systems and even gate openers that a smartphone app can trigger. Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night with a headache? after an exhausting day worrying if you locked/closed the garage door or not? It is a common experience that we are all guilty of, wishing there was some smart garage door opener available to us that would open or shut garage doors automatically through our voice command.

Well, we for sure have great news for you! If you did not know, there are several smart garage door openers available in the market today. They may turn your garage door into one of your home’s hi-tech devices. Having a Wi-Fi garage door opener that links to your phone will be fantastic. Through these smart garage door openers, you can easily check the status of the door at any time from anywhere.

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener? 

Devices running on smart technologies are now seen as devices that interact with us and allow us to operate them from a distance. The remote control is a basic kind of comfort that has been ingrained in our lives as we become more and more dependent on technological devices. The capacity of these gadgets to interact, even at a rudimentary level, with other appliances around and, eventually, with us is what makes them “smart.” By interconnecting with other compatible devices, smart technology has given us what we now refer to as ‘smart homes.’ 

For example you could connect MYQ with Alexa and manage your garage remotely

Smart garage door openers are operable from afar and provide feedback on whether the doors are locked or unlocked, all via our smartphones. You may, for example, check whether your garage door is open or closed in Florida while you are in New York using your phone. You may lock it or unlock it as per your requirements. The control of your garage doors is now at your fingertips.  

Benefits of smart garage door openers

Usually, garage doors are locked or unlocked in two ways – manually, by grasping and pulling a handle on the door, or automatically, by using a control pad installed outside the garage or a fob in your car. At the same time, a smart garage door opener is a fully automated garage door that connects to your current home automation system to provide remote access. 

Because it works through Wi-Fi, it can connect to a variety of other smart gadgets in your house. It is good to have an automated garage door if you do not already have one. A smart garage door opener has a number of advantages for homeowners – 

●      Improved garage door safety: Your garage door allows access to your complete home as it is the greatest entrance point. It also protects goods such as automobiles and tools. Furthermore, it’s shockingly easy to get into—with a little pressure and a screwdriver, criminals can smash open a garage door in only six seconds. For anyone looking to get access to your house, this makes the garage an especially appealing alternative.

●      Monitoring from afar: Did you close the garage door or leave it open? You can put an end to that nagging fear with a smart garage door opener. If your garage door is open, you will get an alert on your smartphone app with remote monitoring. And, the best part, you ask? You are not required to return home to lock it.

●      You have complete control over your surroundings: You may lock or unlock your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone app. Integration of smart home technology makes your life ten times easier and more convenient. A smart garage door opener connects to other smart home gadgets when it is part of a smart home system. This might entail installing home security cameras in your garage or integrating your house’s security system.

●      Home security is improved: A smart garage door opener provides better home protection when paired with security features such as interior and outdoor video cameras, motion sensors, and door alarms installed on the entry points to your home from the garage. 

Types of Smart Garage Openers

We can identify two main types of smart garage door openers: One, the add-on accessories that can be ‘added’ to your existing motorized garage door opener to make it smarter. 

Second, a smart garage door opener system replaces the old motorized system with a new motorized garage door opener equipped with hi-tech features. 

An excellent smart opener system and a strong Wi-Fi connection are required for a completely functional smart garage door opener. These components work together to give you the best garage door opener service possible.

Add-on Accessories: The add-on devices are often a controller or a hub that connects to your existing garage door. In comparison to complete systems, they are less expensive and easier to install. In a nutshell, add-on devices may be smart switches with Wi-Fi features that can be easily controlled via a smartphone app. If your garage door is in good working order, an add-on device rather than a whole system would be the finest smart garage door opener system for you.

Smart Garage Door Opener System: As the name implies, the full system is a whole system that is installed rather than a single device. The complete systems include all the required motors, hardware, and mechanisms for a smart garage door to function. 

Purchasing a full smart garage door opener system is only advised if your garage door is in poor condition and requires replacement. If you consider purchasing a whole system rather than an add-on, you may have the greatest smart garage door opener with the highest security. You will see this as a one-time investment. 

Bottom Line

Your garage is opened and shut quite often as a result of your active family arriving and departing. So, even if you remember closing the garage door before leaving for work, you might arrive at home with an unlocked garage door because you or someone else in your family did not check it or perhaps forgot to close it in the first place. 

If something of this sort happens, a smart garage door opener will send you a notification to your smartphone. That way, you will be able to close it immediately before someone unauthorized gets a chance to enter. And, the best part, you can lock/unlock it from the comfort of any place! And hence, the safety of your family and assets is never compromised.