As a homeowner, you have probably invested enough money and time to beautify your house and impress the people who are passing by your street.

One way you can uphold this is by choosing the best style of garage door for your home.

Well-planned garage doors are more likely to catch the eyes of your neighbours, visitors, and other passers-by.

This is not only because garage doors can occupy around 40% of your front yard. But, also since a well thought-of garage door design significantly impacts the home’s curb appeal.

So, if you’re planning a home renovation, take the time to read about different garage door types and select a design that best fits your house style. You can find a garage door repair in Nashville, Tennessee, and have experts install your new door.

After having the door installed, over time, you might need different garage door related repairs, such as a garage door spring repair.

Traditional Garage Door Style

Traditional style garage doors are ideal for bungalows, craftsman homes, colonial, and Mediterranean houses. This style of garage doors appeals to owners who prefer more a clean and classic look.

This classic style of garage door offers timeless beauty and quality. In other words, the design of this garage door is constantly up-to-date regardless of the era.

Traditional garage doors are composed of raised rectangular panels, which can be long or short. These panels unite to form a clean and classic quality for your front yard.

Besides the endless beauty of traditional doors, this garage door style is also sturdy and durable. The longevity of traditional doors works hand in hand with its appeal so that you have an attractive garage door for a long time.

Popular materials used for traditional garage doors are wood (Redwood, Hemlock, and Cedar) and steel. In terms of finishes, the most popular color for this style is vivid white. You have up to 8 colours of factory-finished paint to choose from, such as soft gray, beige and dark gray.

Contemporary Garage Door

Nothing says new and modern garage door design more than contemporary garage doors.

From its name, a modern garage door style is well suited for houses with modern architecture. By this, we mean homes with advanced features, clean lines, bold colours, and lots of windows.

If you own such a type of house, then you should consider installing a modern garage door.

These doors often feature asymmetrical details and a lot of natural light. Contemporary garage doors are available in a variety of colors, including black, beige, gray and white.

Most of these designs contain window lites and they might be positioned in non-conventional spaces, for example down one side of the garage door.

This garage door style is available in an assortment of materials, like glass, wood, aluminium, and steel. Depending on the material, you also have plenty of finishes and textures to choose from.

Carriage-House Garage Door

Anyone can easily identify a carriage-house garage door because of its unique charm. Carriage-style garage doors take you back to the time when horse-driven carriages were conventional. These types of doors would swing out in the middle to open.

Carriage style garage doors are getting more and more popular nowadays. Instead of manually opening this door, today’s carriage style doors are automated and with the help of a garage door opener, will open upwards.

Regardless of whether you manually or automatically operate your door, you need enough clearance space.

Since it takes its design from the early 20th century, this type of door matches houses that are barn-like or ranch style. Apart from these two, carriage garage doors are also compatible with craftsman, colonial, and Mediterranean homes.

Carriage style garage doors come in a variety of materials, finishes, decorative elements, and window options. Basically, you have a limitless selection of designs for this type of door.

Are you planning to sell your home, or do you simply want to change your home exterior for the better?

Changing your garage door style may do the trick. Just make sure that the design you pick fits your overall home exterior to achieve a higher curb appeal.