Whether you are moving across the city or crossing state boundaries, moving is an exciting yet overwhelming adventure. It can also become stressful logistically and financially, especially if you are on a limited budget. Zillow figures show that moving costs between $80 and $100 per hour locally and $2000 and $5000 for interstate moving.

While some moving costs are inevitable, there are several ways of saving money when moving. Below are a few creative money-saving tips:

Get Multiple Quotes from Moving Companies

Like other service providers, you should cautiously search for professional moving companies. Unless your moving date is very close, don’t pick a moving company hurriedly. Ask friends, family members, and colleagues for referrals of the best movers. You should also evaluate multiple estimates from different companies.

Hiring a professional moving company is important, especially if relocating to a different state or country. Ensure the moving company has the right insurance to cover your items.

Have a Moving Strategy

Developing a moving strategy is an excellent way of saving costs when moving. The strategy should list all the important tasks to be completed and their respective timelines. This ensures that you don’t miss important steps in the moving process. Having a pre-organized schedule saves money because it eliminates irrational last-minute decisions that can prove costly.

Moving is typically stressful, and you can easily forget several important and expensive tasks. An outline of important tasks and timelines ensures you shop early for the best prices.

Create a Moving Budget

You can also save significant moving costs by creating a moving budget. Start by assessing your financial status and rough estimates of the maximum spending required. Your budget should include easily forgotten or overlooked expenses, such as buying a new shower curtain. Such simple costs can quickly add up, increasing your moving budget.

Meal and petrol costs are other easily overlooked moving costs. If you will drive to your new location, ensure that you include petrol costs and miscellaneous costs in your budget.


You can save moving costs by reducing the quantity of your luggage. This is best achieved by getting rid of what you don’t need or non-essentials. While it is tempting to pack everything in the garage or attic and sort it later, you’ll spend a lot of time packing and waste space in a moving truck carrying unnecessary items. Therefore, you should declutter before packing. Identify items that you can donate, sell, and discard.

Use Recycled Packing Materials

You should also save money on packing supplies. While you should buy special packing boxes and bubble wraps for fragile and valuable items, don’t allocate much of your budget to new packaging materials for books and linens. Instead, collect recyclable boxes from your neighbors, friends, and family members who recently shipped items or moved.

Move During Off-peak Seasons

Moving during off-peak times is another valuable money-saving tip that applies to moving and other activities. Most people schedule their relocations around June to September due to the summer holidays. Moving costs are exorbitantly high during this period. As such, you’ll get better prices by scheduling your move between October and May.

Plan Your Utilities

Knowing the right time to cancel your utilities can save on costs when planning to move. Deciding when to relocate and when to cancel your current utilities is important. This ensures that you don’t have to pay for internet costs and cabling twice. If you are moving soon, consider canceling all current utility services and starting afresh. Fortunately, some service providers offer special discounts to customers opening new accounts. This is an excellent opportunity to search for the best deals in your new area.

Pack Strategically

Moving costs can quickly add up due to poor packing. Packing strategically ensures you reduce the number of boxes, saving space, time, and moving costs. Instead of tossing items into the packing box thoughtlessly, consider nesting items inside others to fit everything into the box. Doing this ensures that you fit several items into one box, reducing the total number of boxes and ultimately the size of the moving truck.

Rent a Moving Truck

Instead of hiring moving companies, you can complete the move yourself by renting a moving truck. If your items won’t fit in your vehicle, renting a moving truck is better than hiring a moving service. Your friends can help load and unload your belongings. However, unlike working with moving companies, you should take moving insurance.

Rent a Moving Container

A moving container is a better and low-cost alternative if you want enough time to pack, load, and unload. Here, the company drops the container in your driveway, allowing you to load at your pace. The company then picks it up and drops it in your new residence at your convenience.

The Bottom Line

Preparing adequately for the move is the best way to save money when relocating. Ensure you create a moving schedule, find a moving company upfront, declutter, and pack early. These tips can ease the heavy financial burden that comes with relocating.