Small spaces are often defined by your home. That is, you may have a small home, or you may have a home that’s built in a way where small spaces appear or were designed. This means you may have to compromise on certain ideas you had – be it fitting a sofa into a tighter part of the living room than you’d imagined or reducing the size of your wardrobe. In other instances, it may be that you have ‘extra space’, as in one that could become a reading corner. Either way, small spaces present an opportunity and a challenge so that you can maximise your home.

Hidden spaces 

Hidden spaces are an absolute gem when you are trying to maximize the space in your home. Hiding your storage is the perfect way to keep your home looking decluttered whilst also giving you the opportunity to utlize space. Hidden spaces can be found all throughout your homes, such as shy corners and even furniture. There are certain dining room sets that can be purchased that allow you to have a beautiful table, but with hidden storage areas inside them that you can put clutter in. 

Use nooks 

Shelves are some of the most useful pieces of storage pieces that you can have in your small property. Not only can you keep all of your kitchen utensils/utensils out of drawers and off the main units, but you can actually install shelves that have nooks on them. This means that you will be able to hang up pots and pans. This will save you space within your kitchen but also give you a very stylish and modern look. 

Helpful add-ons 

When trying to give your small space as much storage as possible, you should research online what other people are doing and what mechanisms they have in their homes. There are a lot of useful tools out there, such as hairdryer holders inside certain drawer doors and clothes bins that can be utilized to give you maximum space. 

Vertical space is a must 

If you aren’t using vertical spaces to enhance the space in your small home, then you need to change this. Vertical space such as behind-the-door storage is an amazing and smart use of this area. This space is something that would most likely be ignored and unused, so you should think about gathering a number of wire baskets and placing them behind the door for storage. Ensure that this storage space isn’t out in the open as it can look cluttered if not done correctly. 

Hide your electronics 

Electrical hardware, although critical to have in a home, always takes up so much space. You should try and get in the habit of ‘If I’m not using this all the time, I’ll put it away and only bring it out when I need to.’ By doing this, you are giving yourself maximum space, as you are taking a large item away from space and allocating the space for whatever you may need it for.