An appealing backyard gives homes an edge in the real estate market. While the spotlight might be on backyard pools and landscaping, it’s important you don’t neglect your back porch.

So, whether you’re selling your home or simply want to enjoy your backyard a bit more, take a look at these ten ways to spruce up your back porch.

1. Add Some String Lights

Warm ambiance helps turn a back porch into an oasis. Consider hanging string lights around your back porch for an added sparkle that will look stunning at night.

If you have a roofed porch, hang a series of lights underneath it, so they mimic the night sky. If you only have a railing, try running the string lights along the railing. Test out your new lights at night and enjoy!

2. Get It Furnished

Furniture gives your back porch an approachable feel and invites your family and your guests to lounge around outside. Consider your lifestyle habits and choose your outdoor furniture accordingly.

For example, if you dream about reading a book outside, consider getting a cozy hammock or chair for your back porch. If you plan on having large gatherings, look into buying a wicker outdoor dining set.

3. Grow a Garden

Adding flowers to your back porch helps liven up the area and gives your yard a beautiful fragrance. Gardens also attract wildlife, like hummingbirds and butterflies, to your back porch. If you’re not a gardener, purchase ready-to-plant flowers and choose a color scheme and flower type that fits the season.

If you already love gardening, consider planting seeds around the perimeter. Not only will these flowers look great surrounding your back porch, but you’ll feel accomplished for growing them on your own. Online resources like offer all kinds of planters that will suit your garden’s needs.

4. Consider the Season

Decorating your patio space in accordance with seasons and holidays is a fun way to add ambiance. For the fall and winter seasons, consider adding warm colors and wood accents. For spring and summer, add a pop of color here and there.

Porch decorations may range from wreaths, plants, and holiday items like pumpkins.

5. Add a Porch Swing

Porch swings are classic additions to any outdoor area. You’ll need a stable frame or roof above your roof to install a porch swing. If you don’t, consider purchasing a free-standing porch swing.

Porch swings are the perfect piece of furniture for lounging, chatting, and watching the sunset. After installing your porch swing, add some colorful pillows and cushioning for added comfort.

6. Install a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a wonderful addition for families who want a vacation-like experience in their own homes. Hot tubs offer many benefits, like stress relief and pain relief. They also give your back porch a serene vibe.

Plus, hot tubs are meant for year-round enjoyment, so areas that get hit with plummeting winter temperatures can enjoy a hot tub, too. They’re also much easier to maintain than backyard swimming pools.

7. Consider Updating Your Porch Structure

Back porch restructuring is pricey and time-consuming in comparison to the rest of the tips but absolutely worth it if your existing porch needs major repairs.

When restructuring your porch, consider what you want to keep and what you want to build. A great back porch involves a sturdy deck, a railing, and a frame with a roof. If your existing porch is small, consider expanding it.

8. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re a cooking enthusiast and love to entertain, make your back porch a second kitchen. If you’re willing to make the financial investment, consider adding a grill for barbecuing. To make the cooking process easier, install fixtures or cabinetry around your grill that holds spices and cooking utensils.

If you have room for it, adding a walk-up bar with bar stools, a mini-fridge, and additional storage adds a resort vibe to your porch. It also gives you and your guests a simple way to grab refreshments without having to step inside.

9. Add Entertainment

Whether you host a lot of parties or not, adding games and entertainment to your back porch will make it feel more inviting. If your porch is covered, consider installing a TV on the porch, which will allow you to watch TV and movies outside when the weather is warm. If your porch is not covered, but you would really love an outside TV, consider working with a reputable covered porch builder who can help you upgrade your porch. 

Think about what kinds of games you enjoy and consider adding them to your porch. Games that are perfect for the outdoors, like cornhole and horseshoes, add a fun flair to your porch when they’re permanently added to it.

Another way to add entertainment to your back porch is by installing a sound system. As long as it’s protected by the elements, a sound system adds an easy way for you to play music during parties without messing with your indoor sound system. Outdoor sound systems are built to carry sound in outdoor spaces, so your music will sound great on your porch.

10. Add a Fire Pit

Firepits add the ultimate warm ambiance to a back porch, especially when the season changes from summer to autumn. Adding an easy and safe method for creating a bonfire gives you the opportunity to feel like your camping in your own home.

Plus, firepits are fantastic for making smores, socializing, and adding warmth to a cold night. Add some cozy pillows or seats surrounding the fire. Above all, make sure you prioritize safety when installing your firepit.

Freshen up Your Back Porch for the Season

A lively and updated back porch will have you wanting to spend all your time there. By following these ten outdoor decorating tips, your back porch will feel like an escape from a hectic lifestyle and will provide a fun atmosphere for you and your guests.

If you’re still interested in learning more about home decor, feel free to browse the rest of our blog. We’ll help you liven up your living room, kitchen, and all other aspects of your home.