Having to relocate to a faraway place from your present home can be daunting, most especially when you are relocating to a new state. Some close moves may make it easy for you to pack essentials, and sometimes all you need to do is throw every item into a box. But, relocating to a new location will take a long time to plan. Contacting a long-distance moving company may also be your ideal solution. In this article, we put together 15 essential hacks for relocation.

Long Distance Moving Tips

1. Visit Your New Apartment

Although you may have initially visited, it is best to visit the new house again to know what essentials, like utilities, the house may need.

2. Contact Your Utility Company

After finding the situation of the apartment, you would want to contact a utility provider. Utility provider helps you install electrical appliances before your move.

3. Draw Up Your Relocation Plan

Another moving long-distance tip is to draw up a moving plan. To do this, create a bucket list of what you intend to do when moving and create a detailed spreadsheet of the task you intend to achieve.

4. Remove Items of Less Value

When relocating, it is best to remove unwanted objects that may significantly increase moving costs. To achieve this, separate the items of value from the ones you no longer need. After doing this, you can either sell or donate them.

5. Create a Straightforward Catalogue

It is necessary to make a catalog of all the items you intend to move because your belongings could get missing, and you want to keep tabs on them. To achieve this, you could either use a note and pen or your smartphone. Whichever method you choose to pen down every item, make sure to write every detail to the least on record.

6. Box Items on Time

Unless you will remain within the locality, you would want to pack every item on time. Relocation takes a long time to execute. So, pack your valuables months to the relocation day.

7. Pack Smart

You may plan on relocating and still end up making a mess of it. The only way to avoid this is to pack smart. Some of the ways to pack smart include:

  • Wrapping up furniture to avoid chips, dents, and scratches on its body
  • Protect your fragile dishware with foam pouches. This way, they do not break
  • Secure paired items from getting lost with a plastic wrap
  • Pack clothes in labeled bags to keep them pristine and avoid wrinkling
  • Protect your bed with plastic wrap to prevent moisture from seeping into it and keep the stain away.

8. Label Valuables

When moving to another state or city, your items may end up mixing with assets of others also on the move. Hence, it is best to label your boxes with colors, numbers, or write your name. You get an added advantage is when you write your number on the box. This way, if your belongings go missing, anybody the box that falls into his or her hands can call you to return it.

9. Use the Right Box Size

Try packing items in the right boxes to avoid getting damaged. Doing so will make it easy for movers to load them up in the truck.

10. Car Shipment is Essential

If you have a car and prefer to move with the truck, an alternative means of sending your car is to ship it. However, it could incur additional costs. So, draw a budget for your car when planning for the move.

11. Get Estimates from Reliable and Professional Movers

When considering relocating, find different movers to get an estimate or accurate pricing on the cost of a move. If you do not do this and hire professional movers, you may be surprised when the time for payment arises.

12. Hire Movers

After getting the estimate for a move, you can either decide on hiring professional movers or making the drive yourself. So, get expert help for an easy move.

13. Get Insurance for Your Belongings

When you relocate, it would mean that your items will be on the road for a long while, ranging from days to weeks. Before making a move, get insurance coverage to protect any valuable item you may have. If you do not know how to go about this, get advice from the movers.

14. Check Your Catalogue Again

As stated early, when you make a catalog of your essentials, it will go a long way to keep them in check. After packing, double-check that every item on your list is properly kept in the right place.

15. Move During A Less Crowded Season

Many persons prefer relocating in the summer period, which gives rise to the price of getting professional aid. But, it is best to travel during the off-seasons or preferably, the weekdays.

The Bottom Line

Relocating to a new state or city is stressful. But, it does not have to be so. To make your long-distance move easy and fun, all you need to do is follow these outlined tips to ensure a smooth move.